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Here at we want to keep you moving, so we’ve created powerful mobile email apps to keep you in touch with those who matter, wherever you may be. In fact, we know that mobility is more important than ever, so whether for your business or personal communications, you can manage your inbox more efficiently and enjoy access to a wealth of powerful features whenever you need them. Get the free App for Android or IOS devices.

Functional and flexible mobile email’s free email app is available for both iOS and Android devices, including tablets. It is also completely free to use, bringing your email account to your fingertips when you are away from your PC. Keep up with your appointments and meetings or simply send and receive emails easier than ever before. Discover’s email app and enjoy more effective communication while on the move:

  • Highly secure email app
  • Access your emails effortlessly
  • Available for you anytime and anywhere
  • Great features on your mobile
  • Completely free

Additionally, our apps feature a number of great features specific to each operating system. Discover how works with your device below.

Android app features

The Android email app works seamlessly with any Android device to bring you a powerful mobile email solution. Push notifications are supported with your Android device and you simply need to access the app’s settings and select. This allows you to receive mail notifications directly on your screen without having to first access the Android email app. You can even change the way you view your email by choosing the compact mail list for a more streamlined view.

To further customize your email app experience, you can select a ringtone and/or vibration in order to notify you of incoming mail. Customizing the signature that is included on all of your outgoing email is also quick and easy, whilst the security of your email can be enhanced by including a PIN lock on the mail app itself. Additionally, you can enable the “Quiet Time” feature that disables ringtones, vibrations and LED notifications on your phone - so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Finally, the navigation of the email app is intuitive enough to allow you to quickly access all of the features you use regularly. The overview screen of your inbox displays a pen icon to allow you to automatically start a new email, while the magnifying glass icon helps you find everything you need in an instant. Additionally, if you need to keep anything for future reference, you can quickly and easily take a screenshot after enabling the option in the general settings.

iOS app features

The iOS mail app is the ideal solution for iPhone and iPad users. Quickly and easily change the color scheme of your interface and edit your signature, display name and the sender address included on each of your emails. You can also edit the amount of preview lines that will appear on your screen to help you have a better overview of your incoming mail. Push notifications are also supported for even greater control.

Full screen mode is available when you really need to concentrate, and the management of your email folders is also possible from within the mail app. You can also add many different email accounts to the app in order to access all your communications on your iOS device. Finally, access to your 2GB File Storage is easy, and management is also possible with the option to add or edit folders - you can even add any photos directly from your phone or back up your files at any time.

A mobile solution for everyday email management

This means you can easily access all of your mail from one central location for greater efficiency and speedier management. Additionally, features such as the pinch zoom for HTML mail and full screen mode allow you to view your emails exactly you how want - making writing and replying to emails a breeze.

Attaching pictures or photos to your mail using the mail app is simple and can be done quickly and easily. This means you can enjoy multimedia communication from your mobile device without restriction. The free mobile apps also allow you to enjoy fast and secure email thanks to advanced encryption technologies like TSL and SSL. These technologies ensure that your communication remains private and your personal details are always safe.

The free email app is the ideal solution for your mobile communication - but don’t take our word for it, see what our happy customers have to say about how the app has mobilized and simplified the way they email in the app store.

How to get the free email app

Getting the free email app for your device is quick, easy and effortless. Simply download the correct app for your device and get started. The intuitive and easy-to-understand interface will get you set-up and connected to your account in no time at all.

What’s more,’s email app is completely free to download - meaning you can get started right away and enjoy the very best in mobile communication. Simply follow the links below to the correct app for your device.

No Android or iOS device? No problem!

If you don’t have an Android or iOS device then don’t worry, you can still enjoy powerful mobile communication with

In fact, we offer an optimized webmail client for any device - all you need to do is select the mobile optimized view in your email account when using your preferred browser. Once activated, you can enjoy a seamless experience, including all the relevant features, whenever and wherever you are - perfect for those who are always on the move.

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