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File Storage from A Complete Solution

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File storage problems are a thing of the past; when you sign up with, you receive 2 GB of free online storage. This tool is the ideal solution for managing and sharing your files. With, your files are safe, well organized, and accessible no matter where you are.

Key features of File Storage:

  • 2 GB free File Storage
  • Upload files of any format
  • Freedom to personalize your folders
  • Completely secure storage
  • Accessible from wherever you are
  • Supports large file uploads
  • Grant your trusted contacts guest access

Your personal file management space

File storage with a webmail account is the complete solution for maintaining a well-organized space for your documents, music, photos, videos, and whatever else you may need. It is completely customizable for you to categorize and sort your personal data in a way that suits you. Every aspect of our file hosting solution is designed to maximize convenience and usability.

Highly secure File Storage

Security concerns are always a major topic when it comes to data in the digital realm, particularly when it comes to sensitive and private information. However, with you can rest assured that your privacy is protected from malicious cyber-attacks. In the same way that our webmail accounts are shielded with antivirus software, your free File Storage space is well-equipped to resist any online danger that may arise. With, you receive easy access to your private documents without sacrificing safety and privacy.

Any time, any place

Keeping track of all your files is no easy task, especially when you use multiple computers. For example, perhaps you had forgotten to include something in a work presentation that is saved on your hard drive, or you unexpectedly need to access your documents while abroad. Fortunately, every file you upload to is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Simply log in to File Storage and find all your folders exactly how you left them, so you’ll never have to worry about getting caught short again.

Guest access for file sharing

Sharing files with contacts via email can sometimes be a hassle due to restrictive attachment limits, but no longer! Not only does a email account allow you to send attachments up to 30MB but our File Storage space enables guest access for trusted contacts. Therefore, file sharing is more flexible and hassle-free than ever, allowing you to open documents for direct access or send them to a recipient as you see fit.

Supports all file types

File Storage from allows you to upload files of any format—from simple word documents to audio and video formats such as MP4 and FLAC—so you won’t encounter any file compatibility issues. You’re free to utilize your storage space in whatever way is appropriate, whether for professional purposes, such as spreadsheets and presentations, to multimedia for your entertainment, or a mixture of the two. even supports large file uploads, so compressing files into smaller zip-files is not necessary.