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Microsoft Edge: A new way to browse

Microsoft Edge is the new web browser designed for Windows 10. Replacing Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge is designed for cutting-edge performance in a modern digital world. Encounter a more natural way to search and a more intelligent online experience with Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge offers an interactive web browser experience

Microsoft Edge really is designed to use the internet in a completely new way. A lightweight web browser, Microsoft Edge adheres to web standards and is the first in its line to encompass features not possessed by Internet Explorer. What this means is that when working with Microsoft Edge, you will have access to an entire host of unprecedented features such as integration with Cortana, who is the Windows sidekick and personal AI assistant designed to ease your computing experience. Cortana uses natural language processing to help you search for the information you require and is an ideal assistant to Microsoft Edge for searching the web. If you require information about anything you come across, simply highlight the text and select "Ask Cortana." As a sign of an intelligent web browser, it will bring up information about the topic without leaving the page. Unlike browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge also sports additional annotation tools, as well as many other smart web browser features.

A minimalist web browser

Not only an intelligent web browser, Microsoft Edge also sports a streamlined, minimalist interface to quickly load pages faster than Internet Explorer, allowing you to take control of your web browsing experience and access web pages with ease. The annotation feature of the optimized web browser also allows you to make notes as you come across information. This helps ensure that reading and jotting down information feels more natural than ever. With the new additional add-on features for Microsoft Edge, the focus has clearly been directed at enhancing content whilst minimalizing clutter, resulting in a more natural web browser functionality.

Additional functionality at your fingertips

Microsoft Edge is packed full of additional features to really enhance and simplify your browsing experience. Working with Microsoft Edge is naturally easy, especially when browsing with multiple tabs. Now it's possible to take a peek at the pages open on different tabs simply by hovering over them. You are now able to search faster from the address bar by typing your query directly where you would normally type a URL. Microsoft Edge will automatically list a number of suggestions from the internet as well as your browsing history, resulting in a more intelligent online experience.

The benefits of Microsoft Edge at a glance

  • Learn more about any subject by clicking "Ask Cortana."
  • Annotate and make notes on any page you come across.
  • Get instant answers when typing queries into the address bar.
  • Preview what a website's about by hovering over open tabs.
  • Enjoy a more streamlined, functional and feature-packed web experience with Microsoft Edge.

System Requirements

Microsoft Edge has a minimum requirement for the following Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10