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  • What is is a free webmail client based in the United States. It offers a wide range of unique email domains as well as a customizable user interface. With its reliable and powerful webmail system, is a comfortable email solution for both private and business use. Its features and convenience rival those of traditional client-based software that require installation on your computer, e.g. MS outlook, including keyboard short cuts, drag and drop functionalities, and a rich feature set.

    1&1 Mail & Media Inc. is the official company that owns through which the portal operates its services. Prior to 1&1’s ownership of, the free webmail portal was operated under MMC, a US digital media company.

  • What features are included in the service? users can take advantage of the many enhanced features available to them in their personal accounts. The service offers a Mail Collector (a tool to feed mail from third-party accounts into the inbox), multi-attachment upload to email, and an Address Book to organize contact details. Users are also able to send emails up to 50 MB in size using and have unlimited mail capacity in their inbox. Additionally, each account is able to have the user’s personal Facebook profile integrated into the inbox.

  • offers several domain choices that users can have as part of their email address. How do I select one for my account?

    When users start the registration process, they will be required to select a name and a domain for their email address. The users will be able to select the desired domain (for example, and check that their preferred email is still available for registration. If it is, they can continue the process to secure their email. If it is not available, the user will have to try different words and/or domains until they find one that is not already registered. Then they will be able to move forward to register their email address.

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