Automatic photo upload with the mobile apps

Does your smartphone double as your camera? Nowadays most people answer that question with a “Yes!” But is it also the only place you save your photos? If your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, this could mean losing all your precious memories.

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Don’t stress about backing up your photos – activate automatic uploads

Why take that risk when you can activate automatic photo backups instead?

Automatic photo upload with the app

Did you know that with the Mail App on your phone, you can automatically upload pictures to your online storage? This means they are always protected against loss and available on any device you use to access your Cloud. If you haven’t yet activated automatic photo backups, keep reading to find out how it works.

Upload images securely with our mobile apps

Once activated, the photo upload function automatically backs up new photos – and, if desired,  videos – to your secure Cloud without you having to actively load pictures. By default, the photo backup only takes place when you are connected to Wi-Fi so it won’t affect your mobile data volume. However, you can also change the settings so that each new photo is automatically uploaded no matter how your phone is connected to the internet. You can also retroactively backup all your old photos.

Automatically uploading your pics with our app serves as a backup – the photos also remain on your phone unless you manually delete them. This gives you the option of saving storage space on your phone.

Good to know: Your account comes with 2 GB of free cloud storage. Because image sizes vary considerably, it is hard to define exactly how many photos this equates to – it could anywhere from around 400 to 1000 photos, with videos taking up more space. If you’d like more online storage, you might consider one of our Cloud upgrades.

Activating photo backup on iPhone

In the Mail App for iOS, open your Settings menu. Tap Cloud Settings > Automatic backup > Setup automatic backup now. Tap Activate backup to activate the uploading of new photos.
Screenshot of activate photo backup function on iPhone
Photo and video upload can be activated separately in our Mail App

Automatic photo upload for Android

In the Mail App on your Android smartphone, tap the Cloud icon in the lower right corner. Now open the menu in the upper left corner and tap the Settings symbol. Tap Camera upload and activate the button next to Automatic upload for photos and videos. Now you can select your upload options.
Screenshot of activate photo upload function in Android app
There are multiple options for when to upload so you can manage your data volume

Pro tip: Photo share in your Cloud

Once you have uploaded photos to the Cloud, you can create share links to send by email or text to trusted recipients. So you don’t have to worry about attachment size limits or third-part file-sharing services. Just go to your Cloud and tap the uploaded picture to open it. A share symbol will appear under the picture. Tap this symbol to create the link, then the copy symbol so you can copy and paste it into an email or text. Unless you change the settings, the image share will be valid for one year. For additional security, you can also add a password that will be required to open the link.

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