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Alias Email Addresses

How and why to use an alias email address

When you send, reply to, or forward an email, sometimes you don’t want the recipient to know your primary email address.’s Alias Addresses feature allows you to customize the sender email address shown in your correspondence so that you have complete control over what the recipients of your emails can see. This means that you can quickly and easily send personal and business emails from the same mailbox, without having to switch between accounts and memorize multiple passwords. You can also set a default address for the sender address that you use most often.

What is an alias email address?

An alias email address is an additional address associated with your account that you can use to send, reply to, or forward emails. With, you can send email from up to 10 different sender addresses, including the address you initially registered with. When you choose to send an email from an alias address, the recipient of your correspondence will not receive your name or the email address that you chose when you registered your account. Instead, the recipient will see exactly what you want them to see.’s extensive list of over 200 domains means that you can customize your alias addresses according to your needs and likings. Perhaps you’ll use one for personal correspondence and one for your business.

Why are alias email addresses useful?

Alias email addresses are useful because they allow you to switch between up to 10 sender addresses within your mailbox. This means that you don’t need to create multiple accounts if you want to send email from multiple email addresses. Instead, the Alias Addresses feature enables you to choose your desired sender address any time you send an email, or simply use the address that you have chosen as your default. Using this feature allows you to customize your emails for different areas of your life. For example, you can create separate addresses for professional and personal communication, even using different domains for each one. You can also use a common misspelling of your name as one of your alias addresses, to ensure that you never miss out when someone new is trying to get in touch with you. Or, you can create an additional email address to use on a public ad.

Alias email addresses also give you more options when you’re logging in to your account. You can access your mailbox by using the email address you registered with, or by using any of your alias email addresses. All of the addresses you create will share a single password. If you want to have separate passwords, you can create separate accounts.

Although existing email addresses cannot be changed, you are always able to delete your current email address and create a new one. For instance, if you get married and change your name, we recommend the following: create a new email address with your new name and set it as your default address. Keep your old email address until all of your contacts are using your new email address. Then, you can delete your old email address.

How to create an alias email address?

To create an alias address, follow these simple steps:

On your computer, sign in to your account.

  • Go to Settings > Alias Addresses.
  • Enter your desired username, choose one of over 200 possible domains and click Create alias address.
  • If you want to use this alias address as your default address, hover your cursor over the desired address under Created e-mail addresses and click on the wrench icon.
  • Set your alias address as default and click OK.

What else should you know?

Your existing email addresses cannot be changed. However, you can delete your email address and create a new one whenever you’d like. Be careful, though! When you delete an email address, that address will be blocked and you won’t be able to create a new account with that address for one year. If you create and delete an email address within a single day, that address will become available again in one month.

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