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50 MB for your attachments / With, you can send attachments of up to 50 MB. Share your own music or your latest vacation pictures in just one email. Weitere Unterseiten: e-mail attachment, file compression, zip-files, file converter, zipped files, attachment limit

Attachments up to 50 MB

Larger email storage

Attachments up to 50 MB at

With you can send much bigger email attachments than with most other email providers; being able to have attachments up to 50 MB, in comparison to 15 or 20 MB, makes a big difference! What makes the difference so big is how much more media you can send with a larger attachment size. Attachments up to 50 MB make a lot more possible but without the corresponding hassle!

Send your creativity as an email attachment!

Sending attachments up to 50 MB sounds good, but what is it that you can send with 50 MB that you can't with 20 MB? Well... Holiday pictures in high resolution or a video of your band (or your kids) bringing down the house (and more!) are all possible to send in an email attachment to whatever recipient you please! Attachments up to 50 MB mean that communicating your creative flow won't be interrupted by an irritating „attachment limit“ warning.

To compress or not to compress

Looking at the alternatives to sending attachments up to 50 MB makes the advantage clear. The extra time it used to take for file compression or the extra few minutes it took to send large files spread out over several emails can now, with, mean taking a quick coffee break, responding to an email, or contemplating the perfect subject line. Of course if you need to send a compressed file, can handle it, too! With you can create, communicate and send attachments of 50 MB in a snap!

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