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Get the most out of your email

Welcome to the new mail.com blog, full of tips and expert advice for our customers and anyone looking to make the most of their email experience.

mail.com knows the importance of email

Our name is probably already familiar to all you readers – after all, at the time of writing, mail.com has just celebrated its 25th birthday and has a large base of loyal customers. Since email has been around even longer than our company, some people might think there’s not much left to say about it. Others might believe that in today’s world of social media, email is no longer an interesting or relevant topic.  But mail.com believes that email is important in a way that other forms of online communication are not. Just consider:

  • Your email address is a unique identifier online – after all, you use it to log in to almost every other online service.
  • While social media is fun for interacting as a group, there are a lot of situations where you don’t want others listening in.
  • Email allows for direct, private communications. And when it comes to business, emails have practically replaced traditional letters.

 Why start a blog for email tips?

Whether you use email to communicate for business or personal reasons, mail.com wants you to have the best experience possible. Part of that means living up to our own extremely high technical, security, and privacy standards. It also includes making sure that our customers have access to the vast store of expertise and information that we have built over the past 25 years. We know email inside and out, and can explain just about anything you’ve ever wanted to know about it. Plus we want to make sure that you are using all of our mail.com features to their full advantage. This goes for beginners and occasional users as well as more experienced computer users. And because we are all a bunch of nerds here, we also probably won’t be able to resist sharing any fun facts or cool tricks that come our way.

Your feedback matters

By the way, we are not just interested in hearing the sound of our own voices. Another reason for launching this blog is to open up another channel for dialog with you, our valued customers. We hope that you will help shape this blog with your feedback. Please be sure to like any articles you find helpful – and in the (hopefully seldom) event that you don’t think a post is relevant, you can give us a thumbs down. 

So watch this space! We’ll be back soon with our very first email explainer.  See you then!

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