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Not sure how to reset your password? Looking for help with a bounced email? Want to block an email sender but not sure how the blocklist works? Never fear – our new support chat is here to save the day!
by Alyssa Schmitt
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With our support chat, help is always only a few clicks away!

As already announced in our December newsletter, has been gradually rolling out a support chat. We are pleased to announce that the chat widget is now available 24/7 to help our users find any information they need about their account.

Where to find the support chat

When you go to our Help Center, you will see a speech bubble symbol in the lower right corner. Click on this icon to launch the chat. Ask your question by typing a brief inquiry or keyword into the field at the bottom of the widget, and then follow the prompts in the chat.

Tips for using the support chat

It’s important to keep questions direct and concise. You can also simply type in a keyword that describes your issue, e.g., “Password.”

The chat will provide you with an immediate answer or request more information. If we have a help page that provides an answer your question, you might be given a link to that page. This saves you time clicking through our Help Center.

If clarification is required, you might be asked to select between several prompts based on your original input. If you’d like to select one of the suggestions, it’s important to click on that button rather than typing a reply into the chat again – entering a search team will simply restart the process. However, if none of the prompts is a match for your issue, typing in a clarification is the way to go!
Screenshot of support chat
The support chat guides users through our help process

Your privacy matters

When you first launch the chat, you will be asked to accept the privacy policy. What’s important to know is that, while you will not be asked to enter any personal data to use the chat (e.g., your username), the conversation will be saved so we can use it to continue improving the tool. A link is also provided if you would like to read more about this.

Support chat – better every day

Our support team regularly evaluates the questions entered into the chat by our customers. This lets us continuously enhance the knowledge base with the topics and answers you need. The responses in the chat were originally written by our support staff, and the chat tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze user questions and give appropriate responses. Machine leaning is also applied in an ongoing process to improve the chat’s effectiveness. You might say that our support chat learns from our customers – the questions they enter “train” it to know what information should be provided.

Live chat with support agents

One upcoming enhancement will be an option for a live chat with one of our customer support agents. This feature will be available by mid-2024 once agent training is completed. Like the other functionalities, the live chat will be phased in gradually, with a current goal of availability on every weekday.

We want your feedback!

Your feedback is important as we continue to improve our support chat. When you are finished with your session, please use the “Rate me!” button at the top of the chat to let us know what you think. If the “Rate me” button does not appear, you can type “feedback” into the chat and then type in your star rating or any comments you might have.

And if you found this introduction to our support chat helpful, why not give us a thumbs-up below?

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