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New: Direct access to your mail.com email list

When you log in to your email account, the first thing you probably want to see is whether or not you have new messages. mail.com is now offering a more streamlined experience for our users who log in through the web browser. Instead of the “Home” tab, they now go straight to the inbox. more
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New: Sharing Online Office files now even easier!

If you use the mail.com Online Office tools, you already know how easy it is to create, open, and edit all kinds of documents. Plus, there is the added bonus of saving them in your free mail.com Cloud, where they’re always accessible. And now mail.com has made it even easier to share files with others! more
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New! Introducing the mail.com support chat

Not sure how to reset your mail.com password? Looking for help with a bounced email? Want to block an email sender but not sure how the blocklist works? Never fear – our new support chat is here to save the day! more
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Free translation online: mail.com translator tool in your browser

Writing an email to make a reservation in another country? See a phrase in Chinese and need to translate it to English? Or vice versa? Never fear! Get the translations you need in just one click with the highly accurate mail.com translation widget. more
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New: All your week’s appointments at a glance in your Organizer

Worrying about missing an appointment in your crowded calendar? Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick and convenient overview of your schedule? Look no further: The mail.com Organizer has a new sidebar to help you navigate through your week without a hitch. more
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Your free mail.com Cloud gets a fresh new look

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a lot! Our Cloud team has been working behind the scenes to make a series of small improvements to the mail.com Cloud – which add up to an even more delightful user experience for you! more
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Send full resolution photos over WhatsApp on your Android phone

If you are like millions of other people across the planet, you use WhatsApp to send very important pictures of your cat or your latest craft project to select friends and family members. But the pictures are sent in a highly compressed format, so they aren’t really usable outside the app. more
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Cloud Welcome Tour: Easy instructions for your 2 GB free storage

Ever feel like you’d like to try out cloud storage, but you’re not sure how to get started? Never fear, ­ mail.com makes it easy – with 2 GB of free online storage right in your mailbox. And now we’ve added easy-to-follow instructions to help you upload and share photos and documents from your computer and smartphone. more
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Product update: create templates in Online Office

For all you fans of the free templates and office suite in your mail.com account, we’re pleased to announce several updates to our Online Office!
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Working on invoices? Why not create a template in Online Office?
Find out how to create your own templates, edit attachments without downloading, and use the new ribbon toolbar. more
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New: mail.com Cloud sync tool

Do you use the mail.com Cloud to store documents and photos? Then you’ll be happy to hear about our new cloud sync app that lets you access the mail.com Cloud on your desktop or laptop computer.
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No internet? No problem! You can select cloud files to sync for offline access.
The tool is available for Windows and macOS operating systems – and gives you offline access to files in your mail.com Cloud. more
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