New: Direct access to your email list

When you log in to your email account, the first thing you probably want to see is whether or not you have new messages. is now offering a more streamlined experience for our users who log in through the web browser. Instead of the “Home” tab, they now go straight to the inbox.
by Alyssa Schmitt
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Now you can go straight to your email list when you log in

Where is my Home tab?

You may have noticed a difference when logging into your account in the web browser. First, you saw this message:
Screenshot of popup about Home tab removal
You may have seen this message announcing a change in your account

Then, instead of arriving on the Home page and clicking E-mail to check your inbox, when you log in you are now taken directly to your list of emails – no additional clicks needed. In fact, the Home tab has disappeared entirely!

What happened here?! To put it simply, wants to help simplify your life. No more clicking from tab to tab to get to your emails. From now on, you can get straight to the point without even having to look at an ad first. This change was requested numerous times by our users, and we are happy to say: Message received!

Easy access to email and features

You may be wondering how to reach features that were formerly linked on your Home page. Never fear – all of the main tools and functions are still available in the top navigation bar. And if you are looking to change the language or color settings of your mailbox, just click More in the top menu to access those settings.
Screenshot of navigation bar
You’ll find all tools in the top navigation bar or under “More”

Your email settings have not moved. As always, you can set up autoresponders, alias addresses, allow- and blocklists, and much more – simply click Settings in the menu on the left side of the E-mail tab.

If you ever need a handy guide to where to find different functions in your inbox, we’ve got you covered: Your account: Where do you find what?

What do you think of the new, direct access to your inbox? Leave us some feedback below!

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