Mail Collector: One inbox, multiple email accounts

Ever wondered if there is an alternative to the usual dance of switching between multiple email accounts to keep track of your correspondence? Mail Collector to the rescue!
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With all your emails in one place, you’ll be smiling, too!
Find out how you can check all your emails in one place.
To be able to use this feature, you first must create an email account with to serve as your primary account. With Mail Collector’s quick and easy setup, you’ll be able to efficiently manage your email in no time! Just a simple login to your primary account will suffice for Mail Collector to automatically check emails from other accounts using the POP3 standard protocol and send them to your inbox.

How to set up and configure Mail Collector

You can set up Mail Collector to import incoming messages from the email account of your choice by following these simple four steps:
  1. First log in to your account and access the Home page
  2. Select Mail Collector in the left navigation menu
  3. Enter the email and password of the email account you would like to check.
  4. Select your preferences from the options available and save your changes.
Screenshot of account home page with Mail Collector circled
You can set up Mail Collector by clicking the icon in the left navigator bar
Screenshot of Mail Collector setup menu
Enter the email address and password of the account you’d like to collect mails from

If further information is required, additional fields will appear. In this case, you will be asked to enter the server, port and username of the service requested. You can extract this information by looking at the POP Mail Server Settings of the originating email account. 
Screenshot of Mail Collector login information for third-party accounts
Additional information is required to allow Mail Collector to check third-party email accounts

Before entering the email account credentials in Step 3, however, you must first make sure to enable the POP3/IMAP retrieval for the service you want to import the email from. To do so, simply access the security settings of the originating email account and enable them accordingly.

Setting up Mail Collector for an Outlook account

To enable the POP3/IMAP retrieval for Outlook accounts, for instance, access the account settings, select Sync email under Mail and enable devices and apps to use POP.  
Screenshot of Outlook Sync email menu
To use Mail Collector with Outlook email, enable POP in the settings

Using Mail Collector to check your Google email

To set up a Mail Collector for a Google mailbox, you must first activate 2-Step Verification in your Google Account settings and set up an App Password for the Mail Collector. You will later use the generated password for your log-in credentials in Step 3 of the instructions above.

Simply access the security setting of your Google account, ensure that the 2-Step Verification is enabled and generate an app password for the Mail Collector by selecting the intended app and device from the options available.
Screenshot of Google email Security settings with 2-step verification turned on
To use Mail Collector with a Google email account, first turn on 2-step verification
Screenshot of Google App passwords menu
Next, you’ll need to generate an app password for Mail Collector

We hope you found these instructions useful in setting up your Mail Collector so you can manage multiple email accounts from one place. We would love to hear your feedback below!

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