Tired of junk mail? Find out how to blacklist email addresses or domains

When it comes to annoying emails, most of us can identify some repeat offenders in our lives. Maybe it’s junk mail from a store that never seems to get around to taking you off their mailing list, or forwarded jokes from an uncle with way too much time on his hands. But you don’t have to put up with this any longer!
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Use your blacklist to keep out junk mail or other unwanted messages
Use the “blacklist” function to send unwanted messaged straight to your Spam folder.
It is very easy to mark a specific sender as someone you do not want to receive email from. By adding their email address to your “blacklist” – or, as some providers call it, a “blocklist” – you can help “train” your email spam filter. The idea is to block certain senders by listing their email address as a source of junk mail or unwanted messages. It is also possible to block messages from all addresses sent from a certain email domain. So, for example, if you want to filter out messages from spammer@spamface.com AND bad.spammer@spamface.com, you can simply add @spamface.com to your blacklist. In the future, any incoming email addresses that share this domain name will be blocked:
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Go to your E-mail Settings to place email addresses or domains on your blacklist

Once you have pressed Save, any emails sent to your account from a blacklisted email address or domain will automatically land in your Spam folder – and you will never have to see them again! The amount of time such messages remain in your Spam folder will depend on your folder settings; with mail.com, the default storage time is three months. This time delay means that if you decide you want to read a specific email after all, you have some time to retrieve it.
Speaking of changing your mind – don’t worry, that’s always possible! If someone currently on your blacklist is back in your good graces and you’d like to see their emails again, you can reverse the process by adding them to your whitelist instead.  A “whitelist” (sometimes called an “allowlist”) is a list of trusted email senders whose message will always bypass your junk mail filter. Your mail.com whitelist is also found in your E-mail settings, right above the blacklist. Just click Whitelist and follow the same steps as above: Enter the email address or email domain name and press Save to activate the changes. Now messages from that address or domain will be delivered to your inbox.
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