Send full resolution photos over WhatsApp on your Android phone

If you are like millions of other people across the planet, you use WhatsApp to send very important pictures of your cat or your latest craft project to select friends and family members. But the pictures are sent in a highly compressed format, so they aren’t really usable outside the app.
Today we’ll show you an Android workaround that lets you send files at their full size – directly from your Cloud.

by Alyssa Schmitt
Mother and son sit outside camper and look at smartphone
Sharing full resolution photos on WhatsApp means the quality is good enough to use outside the app

How to share full size photos on WhatsApp

Good news for Android users: You can now share photos and other files in their original size – in other words, with no loss of quality – in the WhatsApp messenger application. This is useful if you’d like to share a photo in a high enough resolution that it can be printed or viewed on a larger screen.

Do you have the mobile app installed on your Android phone?  Then here is a great new life hack: You can even access and share photos, videos, and other large files from your Cloud directly in WhatsApp.

Normally when you share a photo via WhatsApp, you select it from your Gallery. Next time you’d like to send a full-size file, tap Document instead. This gives you the choice of selecting a file from the images, documents, or downloads saved on your phone – or right from your Cloud.

Here's how it works:
  1. In the WhatsApp application, open a chat with your desired recipient
  2. In the text field, tap on the paperclip symbol
  3. Tap Document > Browse other docs...
  4. Under Browse files in other apps, tap the Mail & Cloud icon OR
  5. Tap the three-dash menu at the top left and select the Mail & Cloud from the Open from menu
  6. Your Cloud will open
  7. Select the image you’d like to share by tapping on it
  8. Add a caption if desired and tap the send symbol
  9. Your image has been shared via WhatsApp -- without any loss in quality
Three screenshots showing process of sharing full size photo
In just three taps, you can use WhatsApp to share a full-size photo from your Cloud

Good to know: When you send your picture using the Document tool, no preview of the image will appear inside the WhatsApp chat – you and your recipient will only see the file name, format and size. Tapping on the image will open it, and the recipient can then save it to their device – the exact process will vary depending on the type and model.
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