New: Sharing Online Office files now even easier!

If you use the Online Office tools, you already know how easy it is to create, open, and edit all kinds of documents. Plus, there is the added bonus of saving them in your free Cloud, where they’re always accessible. And now has made it even easier to share files with others!
by Alyssa Schmitt
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No matter how large the file, Online Office lets you share it in just a few clicks

What's new in the Online Office?

Updating your resume? Working on a household budget? Designing a presentation for school? Thanks to Online Office, you can work on all these projects right in your account – no additional software needed!  And now it’s even easier to share files with others, thanks to a new "Share" button. You can share a recipe, the draft of your next short story, your class schedule, etc. with your contacts in just a few clicks.
Screenshot of share button in Online Office
Click “Share” to create a share link to your favorite recipe

What happens when I share a file in Online Office?

When you edit or create a document in Online Office, you’ll see the new “Share” button in the upper right corner. Clicking this button generates a share link. You’ll automatically be taken to a menu in your Cloud where you’ll see several share options: You can send the link by email right from your inbox, or copy it to send by another messenger service. Once your recipient receives the share link, all they have to do is click to download the file, which they can then open on their device.
Pro tip: Sharing files in the Cloud
If you have questions about’s convenient file sharing function, we’ve got an explainer for you: How to send share links with

What else can I do with Online Office?

If you’ve never taken advantage of the free office software right in your account, this is a great occasion to try it out! You can use our Online Office to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can also open and edit files that others send you as attachments or you create yourself in other programs – Online Office is compatible with all common file formats, e.g .docx, .xlsx and .pptx.
Bonus explainer: Get the most out of your Online Office
To find out more about how to use Online office and what it can do, see our deep dives:

We hope you find this update to your Online Office useful! Before you start sharing files, please leave us some feedback below!

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