Product update: create templates in Online Office

For all you fans of the free templates and office suite in your account, we’re pleased to announce several updates to our Online Office!
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Working on invoices? Why not create a template in Online Office?
Find out how to create your own templates, edit attachments without downloading, and use the new ribbon toolbar.

Create your own templates

Imagine you regularly write invoices for your small business or create permission slips for field trips. Once you have formatted your document or spreadsheet to your satisfaction, you can save it as a template. So next time you need to send it out, you only have to update certain information – not start from scratch. Simply right-click on the saved document and select Save as template.
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Click to instantly create your own Online Office template

From now on, whenever you want to use your template you’ll find it in your Online Office tab under My Templates. To enter new information in the template, right-click on it and select Create file. Give your document a name and press Save. This new document will be saved to your Online Office files, while your original template will remain under My templates for the next time you need it.

Ribbon-style taskbar

You may also have noticed a new option when using’s online document editor: more choices for how you view the toolbar. If you prefer the “classic” toolbar, no change is necessary. However, if you would like a “ribbon-style” taskbar like the one you may be familiar with from Word, simply click the downward arrow in the upper right corner of the document window. And if you’d rather have your formatting tools in a side menu, click the Sidebar symbol in the upper right corner. The sidebar can be used in combination with either top taskbar format.

Edit received attachments without downloading

Did you receive a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file as an email attachment? Now you can use the Online Office document editor to work on these and other common document formats – without having to download the file first.

All you have to do is open the email (in the web client) and single-click on the attachment. A menu will open. Click View and the document will open in Online Office.
Screenshot of attachment in preview mode
Click here to open the document editor – no download necessary

Now select Edit in Online Office to make changes to the document without downloading it. When you are finished with your work, click File to save the document to your Cloud, download it to your computer, send it as an email attachment or share link, or print it out.

Pro tip: As soon as you open a file in Online office, it is automatically saved to your free Cloud. This means that it is not only available in your account on your laptop, but is automatically synced and up to date anywhere you log in to, including our mobile app. And if you would like to work on your office files offline, you can download them individually – or install our Cloud for Windows or Mac to manage your Online Office documents offline.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our new Online Office features. Why not leave us some feedback below?

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