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Online Calendar Template

Organization made easy

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Never miss an appointment or lose track of a meeting again with the online calendar from The online calendar template is simple to use and the extended features of’s online calendar software make it one of the best services for daily organization.

Online calendar scheduling for needs of all shape and size

For those who have a lot of meetings and appointments, trying to stay organized without a calendar is next to impossible. One of the major benefits of an online calendar is that it is accessible anytime and anywhere – from your work desktop, your home laptop, or through your mobile devices. When set up to automatically sync with your email, emailed invitations and responses to invitations for appointments will be automatically entered into your calendar. You are also able to drag and drop information from your email account to your online calendar.

  • Not only does the online calendar help to manage all of your appointments, but it makes it easy to notify others in your professional or personal circles.
  • Set reminders and alarms for to-do lists or meetings, and ensure that you're always where you need to be. Never miss a meeting, appointment, or get-together again with's scheduling software.
  • The ability to share appointments or invites to meetings can be achieved with the online calendar sharing feature.
  • With shared calendar views, meetings can be planned at a time that works for everyone.
  • Do you like to use multiple calendars to keep your personal and professional life separate? That’s no problem. With the online calendar, you can synchronize multiple calendars across several devices that you may use in your busy life.
  • For even more structure, you can even print your calendar with the printable online calendar feature. This allows you to have a physical copy hanging in your office or at home to give you an overview without having to check your phone or computer. 

Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling appointments is incredibly easy. You simply need to click the “add new appointment” button or click the desired time-slot in your online calendar and save your changes. You can also have appointments recur at defined intervals if needed by selecting “repeat” in the appointment details settings. You can also color-code or highlight important appointments by selecting and changing the calendar color settings.

At any time, you can delete or edit the appointments in your online calendar by clicking on them and selecting “delete” or “edit”. By going into the appointment details and asking to be reminded via a notification sent to your work or personal email address, you are sure to not to miss anything urgent. You can also delete reminders when they are no longer applicable.

Sending invitations to appointments

You can invite anyone to an appointment by going to the appointment details and adding their email address to the created appointment in the “participants” field and saving the changes.

When you invite a contact to an appointment, he or she will receive an email. Depending on the recipient’s program, the appearance of this notification may vary slightly. However, the content will not change. The invited person can then respond by clicking “accept”, “tentative”, or “decline” in the invitation. You will then receive an email with the response from each contact. The response is then updated in your calendar. If you delete an individual appointment, every contact invited receives an email saying that the appointment has been canceled.

Synchronizing your Online Calendar across multiple devices

You can synchronize your online calendar desktop across mobile devices so that you can have access to your calendar on the go, and update your online calendar from wherever you are. Please note that this requires an online calendar app that can synchronize your calendar with the CalDAV protocol.

To sync your online calendar with a mobile device:

1. Start CalDAV-Sync and select “add account”
2. Select from the list of providers
3. Enter your email address and password and select “next” to continue
4. Select the calendars you want to synchronize and select “next” to continue
5. Enter your email address again and select “finish” to complete the setup

And just like that your online calendar is synchronized to your mobile device. All changes made to the calendar from your computer will appear on your phone calendar, and vice-versa.

Features included with your online calendar

  • Automatic backups with the archive feature
  • Drag and drop appointment making capabilities
  • Synchronized with your email address and across multiple devices
  • Settings for repeat appointments (daily, weekly, monthly) and appointment reminders
  • Easy event creation capabilities with email contact list access
  • Calendar sharing options for professional or personal cross-reference
  • You can adjust how your online calendar is displayed (day, week, month, etc.)
  • Can be synchronized with all calendar apps that support CalDAV
  • Ability to print calendar

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