Organizer: Get the most out of your online calendar

Whether you are planning a family reunion or need a reminder for an important appointment, the Organizer can help you get – and stay – organized.  It can serve as an online appointment scheduling tool and day planner, and offers calendar share and synchronization features. Today, five features you can use to stay on top of your busy schedule.
With a free online calendar that’s integrated in your email account, it’s easy to keep track of your schedule. Use these five tools to get the most out of your Organizer:
  1. Automatically show dates like birthdays and holidays
  2. Create appointments and set reminders
  3. Send invites and manage participants
  4. Synchronize with other online calendars
  5. Create shared calendars with other users
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Use the Organizer to keep track of your schedule right in your inbox

Show birthdays, holidays and other important dates

Not only can you view your calendar in the way that is most useful to you – by the year, month, week or day – but also automatically display dates that are important to you. In the Organizer tab, go to the left menu under My calendars, click the box next to Birthdays, and all birthdays you have saved in your Contacts will automatically be shown. You can even set up birthday reminders so you never forget to call your grandma on her special day! To add public holidays, local weather forecasts and more to your online schedule, click the + symbol next to Other calendars.

Create appointments and notifications

To enter appointments into your Organizer, simply click on the date and a window will open where you can enter the date, time and location. Click Appointment details for advanced settings, like Repeat to select an interval (weekly, monthly, etc.) for a recurring appointment. You can also set up an email reminder or notification for your appointment. If you need more help with this function, no worries – check out our post on setting reminders.

Send invites and manage participants

Whether you are planning a block party or a meeting with a client, Appointment details is also where you go to send invites. Just start typing in the name or email address and will automatically find the participants in your saved contacts. You can also set up one or multiple reminders for you participants. When you have added all your participants, press Save and your invites will go out.
Once you have set up an appointment, if there is a change in plans you can click on the date in your calendar and use the Edit option to make the necessary updates or manage the participants.

Synchronize with other online calendars

If you’d like to regularly synchronize your Organizer with another online calendar, you can go to your Organizer settings (in the lower left corner of your screen) and click Integrate external calendars. Here you have the option of adding the Calendar URL of other online calendars so your Organizer will automatically be updated with new appointments. Since the setup process can differ according to which external online calendar you use, if you are interested in this feature you may want to read our instructions for synchronizing with Google or Outlook calendars. If you are migrating to the Organizer and would like add events from your old online calendar, it is also possible to import your appointments from other calendars: simply go to Organizer settings > Import and follow the instructions.

Share your calendar

Whether it’s your family or your project team, sometimes it can be helpful to have everyone’s schedule in one place. With our share function, you can let others see specific calendars and authorize them to enter, delete or change appointments. Here’s how it works:
  1. Go to the Organizer tab and click Organizer settings at the bottom left.
  2. Under the general settings, click Share.
  3. Select the calendar you want to share.
  4. Under Issue and manage personal shares, you can grant new calendar share rights by entering the email address of the person you’d like to share with and selecting the level of access from the dropdown menu.
  5. All existing calendar shares will also be listed here. To edit or delete a share, mouse over the email address and click the wrench symbol that appears on the right.
Screenshot of calendar share function in Organizer
Share your calendar for an overview of your family or team schedule

We hope this post helps you discover all the features you can use to manage your time with the Organizer! We look forward to your feedback.
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