Your Organizer: Set up email reminders, appointments and invites

Your Organizer, the online calendar in your account, is the perfect tool for scheduling all the events in your life, big or small. Accessible and in sync anywhere you log in to your email – laptop, tablet or smartphone – your online planner not only lets you send invites to appointments, but also add reminders for yourself and other participants. Learn how to set reminders today and never miss out on another event!
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Why rely on your to-do list when you can set up automatic reminders?

The online calendar doesn’t just help you manage all the events in your busy life, but it makes it easy to invite and remind others in your professional or personal circles. Imagine you are planning a meeting of your book club. Simply go to your calendar by clicking the Organizer tab at the top of your inbox, then Add new appointment in the upper left corner:
Screenshot of Organizer with calendar page for July 2021
Click Add new appointment to schedule your meeting – and invite participants

This opens up a dialog box where you can enter in the time, date, and location of your book club meeting. Once you have done so, you can click Appointment details to expand options to invite participants, set reminders – and if your book club meets once a week or month, make it a recurring event:
Screenshot of Organizer settings
You have lots of options for scheduling, invites, and reminders
  1. Add participants: Start typing the email addresses of your book club members here. If you have emailed them recently, the program will automatically suggest their addresses as you type. You can also click the address book icon to the right and add saved addresses from your Contacts. If you have already saved your book club members as a group in your address book, simply select the group name and all members will be invited.
  2. Set reminders: Click + Add reminder to remind yourself and the other book club members about the date. Your default reminder setting (see below) will automatically appear, but you can choose a different time or method if you prefer. You can even set up multiple reminders for the same event – say one week before the meeting, and then again one hour before. Just click + Add reminder again to schedule another one.
  3. Recurring events: Say your book club meets at your place once a month. Click the drop-down menu next to Repeat and then Monthly, and your book club will be scheduled in your Organizer on the same date of each month. Once you have selected an interval, you can also set an end date for the recurring appointments, or schedule them to repeat indefinitely.
Once you have set up everything just the way you want it for your bookclub meeting, make sure you hit Save in the lower right corner. This will add the appointment to your Organizer, send out the invites, and make sure you receive your reminders. When your book club members receive their invitations, they can click Accept, Tentatively Accept, or Decline and you will be notified about who is planning to attend. So you’ll be sure to have enough chairs and snacks!

If you don’t like receiving reminders – or want a back-up plan so you really don’t forget anything – you also have the option of receiving a daily email with an overview of that day’s schedule. Simply go to your Organizer settings:
Screenshot of Organizer settings
You can also adjust your default appointment settings and receive a daily overview of your schedule

Just check the box next to Send daily appointment overview at and select the time you’d like to receive your schedule. You’ll receive a daily email with each day’s appointments as long as this feature is activated. While you’re here, you can also check your default settings for appointments and, as mentioned above, reminders. However, this is just your default preference – you can customize appointments and reminders on an individual basis.
Would you like more information about what the Organizer can do? Then check out this page for additional details: Organizer: Our online calendar

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