Import appointments to update your online schedule in the Organizer

Feel like you’re having déjà vu? You may be slightly right! But for those of you who missed our blog post last week, the Organizer is a free online calendar accessible to all users and an extremely effective productivity tool to manage your daily tasks!
As promised, today in part two of our post we’ll show you how to import dates from a Google or Outlook calendar into the Organizer.
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Import your external calendar to see all your appointments in one place!

In our last post, we talked about the process of integrating external calendars, such as Outlook and Google, to your Organizer so that they automatically synchronize. We encourage you to take a look!  And now let’s turn to the topic of manually updating your Organizer – in other words, how to export your Outlook or Google calendar in an accessible format and later import to your Organizer. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, it’s not!

Importing an external calendar to the Organizer

If changing the calendar privacy settings to public – as outlined in the Google example in our previous blog article – is not something you are comfortable with, then a Google calendar .ics import to your Organizer is probably the method of choice for you. Before importing an external calendar to the Organizer, however, first you will need to export and save the external calendar in an .ics format.

Follow the instructions below to export your Google calendar in an .ics format:
  1. Start by accessing your Google calendar
  2. Click the gearwheel icon in the upper right corner to access the calendar Settings
  3. Select Import & export > Export
  4. Complete the process by clicking Save file. The downloaded calendar file is saved in a .zip folder. Unpack the .zip folder to extract the .ics file of the calendar you intend on importing to your Organizer
Screenshot of export calendar function in Google
Export your Google calendar in just a few clicks

Follow the instructions below to export your Outlook calendar in an .ics format:
  1. Start by accessing your Outlook Calendar
  2. Select the gearwheel icon in the right upper corner and click View all Outlook settings
  3. Select Calendar > Shared Calendars > Publish a calendar
  4. Choose the calendar you wish to export from the drop-down menu, along with permission settings and click Publish
  5. Click on the ICS link that is generated and complete the process by selecting Download and saving the downloaded file
Screenshot of export calendar function in Outlook
Download your schedule from Outlook under the calendar settings

Now that your calendar is saved in an accessible format, all that’s left to do is to import the file to your Organizer. To complete the process of importing your saved exported .ics file to your Organizer follow the directions outlined below:
  1. Start by accessing your Organizer
  2. Select Organizer settings in the lower left corner of your screen
  3. Select Import
  4. Upload the saved .ics file that you have exported from your external calendar by clicking on Select File
  5. Specify where the new appointments and reminders will be added in Import into, whether an Existing calendar or a New calendar.
  6. Save your changes and complete the process by clicking Import
Screenshot of Import appointments function in Organizer
Once you have the .ics file from your external calendar, it’s a snap to import your appointments

Before you start implementing these changes to your account, you can also take a closer look at our Help Center page about 3rd party applications for further instructions on synchronizing your Organizer with calendars from other providers not listed above, or different mediums not covered in our article today.

We hope you found the article useful in optimizing your Organizer and taking another step toward managing your daily life from one account. We would love to see your feedback below!

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