All your appointments in one place: Synchronize your digital calendars with the Organizer

If you are not familiar with the Organizer, let us introduce you to this great productivity tool! The Organizer is a free online calendar accessible anytime and anywhere for users. It is simple in design and use, yet packed with features that make managing your time a snap!
And if you have other digital calendars, there is no need to juggle your appointments – we’ll show you how to get everything synchronized.
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Synching your digital calendars with Organizer makes it a snap to keep track of your schedule

As we have already shared detailed instructions on setting up appointments and reminders, today we’d like to take you a step further by exploring the topic of synchronizing your Organizer with third-party calendars.

Integrating external calendars

If you are looking to integrate another calendar into your Organizer and then have it automatically updated, then join us for this deep dive into synchronizing your external calendars.

In your free email account, currently offers this feature for one external calendar of your choice. Our Premium accounts have the option of adding more than one calendar. Just follow the steps below to integrate a Google calendar or Outlook calendar into your Organizer:
  1. Go to your Organizer and start by selecting Organizer settings in the lower left corner of your screen
  2. Select Integrate external calendars in the context menu that appears
  3. Add the Calendar URL (see below) that you are integrating to your Organizer
  4. Specify your preferred calendar name and design color and save your changes by clicking Add
The newly added calendar will now appear under the Other calendars category in the general overview of your Organizer, and you should now have access to its appointments and reminders when you select this calendar to be visible.
Screenshot of Organizer settings for integrating external calendars
Add the URL of your external calendar to sync it with your Organizer

To share an Outlook calendar, follow the steps below to retrieve the Calendar URL:
  1. Go to your Outlook Calendar and start by selecting the gearwheel icon in the right upper corner and clicking View all Outlook settings
  2. Select Calendar > Shared Calendars > Publish a calendar
  3. Choose the calendar you wish to publish from the drop-down menu, along with permission settings, and click Publish
  4. Copy the ICS link that is generated and paste in step 3 of the Integrating external calendars instructions above.
Screenshot of Outlook calendar settings for publishing a calendar
In Outlook, Publish a calendar gives you a link you can use for synching with other planners

To share a Google calendar, follow the steps below to retrieve the Calendar URL:
  1. Go to your Google calendar
  2. Click the gearwheel icon in the upper right corner to access the calendar Settings
  3. Click on Access permissions to make sure that Make available to public is selected. If not public, the copied Calendar URL will not work effectively
  4. Select Integrate calendar
  5. Copy the calendar URL under Public address in iCAL format and paste in step 3 of the Integrating external calendars instructions above
Screenshot of Google calendar settings to make calendar public
In your Google calendar, go to Access permissions to make your calendar public
Screenshot of Google calendar settings to obtain URL for integrating calendar
Under Integrate calendar, you’ll find the URL you need to integrate your Google calendar

Keep an eye out for new posts in our blog page – soon we will share instructions on how to import external calendars from different providers to your Organizer. See you then!

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