Utah parents showed troubling signs before deaths

Benjamin and Kristi Strack often talked about the apocalypse and wanting to leave the evil they saw in the world, but friends and family thought ... 

Jose Castaneda, Rev. Patrick Demmer, Anthony Grimes


Monitor to probe shootings into moving cars by Denver ...

An independent city official who monitors the Denver Police Department says he will investigate its policies and practices related to shooting at ... 

Ann Jordan


Main Denver airport bans sale of marijuana-themed ...

Tourists who fly to Colorado, home of legal pot, can forget about buying souvenir boxer shorts, socks or sandals with a marijuana leaf on them ... 

Bobby Thompson


Authorities say fugitive paid cash for long-term hotel stay

Authorities say a treasure hunter locked in a legal battle over one of the greatest undersea hauls in American history was paying cash for the ... 


Bill would grant war powers to fight Islamic State ...

The top Democrat on the House intelligence panel is introducing a bill Wednesday to authorize President Barack Obama's war against Islamic State ... 


Report: Iran says Washington Post writer to face trial ...

A Washington Post journalist detained in Iran for months will stand trial "soon," the Islamic Republic's official news agency reported Wednesday. 

Korean Won Drop Against U.S. Dollars And Japanese Yen

Personal Finance

After-tax 401(k) investors get a Roth IRA ...

New IRS rules open the Roth door for 401(k) investors who contribute after-tax money. recommends

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