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Have you ever wondered who is behind the blog? Spoiler alert! We can assure you it’s not an AI blog generator. Our blog team has many moving parts from writers to online marketing and product managers. We give you a peek behind the curtain to see who is pulling the strings to create the blog that gives you the latest about everything and email!
Join the blog team as we have a round-table meeting. Get to know us as we discuss our blog behind the scenes and working in a diverse team.

by Montanna Owens
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Join the blog team for a round-table discussion! There are many moving pieces in bringing content to our customers. What is your role?

Maria: I am an online marketing manager with many responsibilities. I create and execute marketing campaigns, interact with various teams, and improve our website.

Fabio: I am a product manager. I have many responsibilities not limited to improving our service and products. 

Jasmin: Like Maria, I am also an online marketing manager. I ensure our content on our website and other pages is always up to date for our users and all technical requirements are met. I also do a lot of number crunching to see if everything is going according to plan; if not, I come up with a new strategy to fix it.

Alyssa: I am a marketing communications manager and blog author.

Montanna: Marketing student responsible for blog writing and making content on our social media channels. Alyssa and Montanna: Since you two are the creative masterminds behind the blog, what is your favorite aspect about being a blog writer for

Alyssa: Well, I worked as a freelance writer in the past. I wrote many things from scratch, but I didn’t always get to come up with the subject matter. My favorite aspect about our blog is that I learn a lot myself through researching topics and talking to the amazing tech experts in our company. I have always loved writing, so a job where I get to write all day is living the dream!

Montanna: Like Alyssa, I have always loved writing and I am a huge fan of different writing styles. I find with the blog I can exercise different writing styles depending on the content and audience and that is super fun for me. I also love that the blog covers many aspects of email, professional tips, how-to, and fun facts. The diversity and possibilities of the blog is definitely a highlight for me. It can be challenging writing a blog. How do you continuously come up with blog content? Is it difficult?

Alyssa: The starting point for our blog content is always email – has been in the email game for 25 years now and so there is huge store of knowledge here to tap into. If there are changes to our product or innovations in the world of email that we’re excited about, of course we want to share that with our customers. I’m also in close contact with our customer support team so we can proactively address frequently asked questions that they receive. And I keep my finger on the pulse of tech trends and write about topics I think would be useful and interesting to our customers or that I’m excited about myself.  

Montanna: As a student I use my own perspective and those of my peers to come up with ideas that might be interesting for them and their professional development as it relates to emails. I also have an interest in underlying aspects of email that we don’t think about often such as email cultural differences, etiquette, and optimizing email communications. What is your creative process from the idea for a blog post until it makes it onto the blog page? 

Alyssa: Once I have an idea, I brainstorm and draw mind maps on a piece of paper– it’s very old-school! For many ideas I reach out to in-house experts like our email security team to make sure I have all my facts straight. After this brainstorming and information gathering is done, I just sit down and write! With a cup of coffee or two to help keep the words flowing. 

Montanna: To prepare for blog writing, I have to open the window for fresh air and inspiration regardless of the weather. I feel motivated from hearing the birds chirp, the sound of the wind whooshing around, or the rain outside. I listen to music, more specifically opera or choral music. This music keeps me interested, energetic, and alert as there are so many different aspects such as emotion, tone, and etc. in the music. After these steps are done, I write until the article is ready for proofreading.

Photos of authors Alyssa and Montanna
Meet our blog authors: Alyssa (with feline editor) and Montanna Besides writing, what else happens behind the scenes to make the blog happen and what is your role in that?

Fabio: We must make sure that everything runs well. I focus on correcting bugs, improving our tools, analyzing feedback from our customers to improve our content and products, etc.

Maria: Although most of the blog efforts are taken care of by our blog authors, I still get to contribute with technical optimization and so on.

Jasmin: Writing is not my strong suite and that is something I will gladly leave for Alyssa and Montanna. However, crunching numbers is really an essential part of my work. I look at the performance of each post and analyze if we have met the users’ needs or if we should add more information. We often update blog posts based on this research as well as reader feedback.  The online marketing team is very diverse, with members from the US, France, Germany, and Mexico. How does working in a diverse team contribute to the blog?

Maria: In my opinion, one of the most invaluable things that working in a diverse team can bring is a broader perspective. Each team member brings a variety of ideas to the table leading toward innovative and creative approaches for developing blog content.

Jasmin: Our blog readers are very diverse, and our diverse team allows us to look at topics from different angles. The blog is meant to be a source of information for everyone no matter who you are or where you are from.

Alyssa: I believe that diversity is invaluable to any business because customers are also diverse. This helps us understand and reflect the needs and points of view of our users. We are not just diverse in terms of culture, but also age, which I think is important for a tech company. People use and interact with technology and specifically online communications differently at different phases of their lives, and our blog aims to speak to all of them. When it comes to technological blog topics, there is not much diversity in content; however, when it comes to advice about email and internet usage, we are able to explore diverse ideas. What do you like most about working in a diverse team?

Fabio: Working in a diverse team gives me the opportunity to learn every day professionally and personally. Coming from different countries, having different cultures, our team rarely lacks ideas, and our conversations are never boring. It is a big motivation to make the best of our work.

Montanna: Working in such a diverse team is super exciting! There seems to be no end to the new things I can learn from my coworkers about themselves or cultures. For me a diverse team creates a positive and inclusive environment in which everyone is appreciated and thrives as a result.

Alyssa: I personally love to travel, and having a culturally diverse team is almost the next best thing. We talk about places we’ve visited, foods we like to cook, funny words in our native languages. I’ve learned so much about the world from my coworkers. 

We hope this article helped you get to know us better as a blog team and online marketing department. Now you know who is behind your blog and how we work together in an intercultural team! If you are interested in more behind-the-scenes insights about, why not read our interview with our customer support team next?

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