Email pioneer celebrates 25 years of reliable service and unique domain names

Founded in the early days of email, the brand is still going strong, letting customers maintain their original personalized email addresses while offering cutting-edge technical infrastructure, security and privacy protection.

Chesterbrook, PA. In June 2020, celebrates its 25th anniversary as a provider of free and premium email services. Founded in 1995, the company initially pursued a strategy of registering a wide range of different domain names. This set apart from nineties giants like AOL and CompuServe, who offered users a range of online services in conjunction with an email address featuring the company domain name. Boosted by users rushing to register unique addresses like or, the original business model was so successful that it eventually attracted international attention. In 2010 was purchased by the United Internet Group, Europe's leading internet specialist, also known in the United States for its GMX and IONOS by 1&1 brands. Today, supported by the multiple-award-winning GMX webmail system, continues to provide top email service to its users.

“We are exceptionally proud to be marking the 25th anniversary of,” says CEO Jan Oetjen. “It was founded in 1995 – the early days of personal email – and few other email providers today can look back on so many years in the game. The initial strategy of offering unique domain names has more than paid off, as has the creation of as an easy-to-remember and neutral alternative to provider-based addresses. By joining the United Internet Group in 2010, has been able to offer its users cutting-edge technology, security and privacy protection. Our longstanding presence has made us a trusted brand that our customers know they can rely on, and we will continue to build on these valued relationships for the next 25 years and more.” makes the latest technical innovations available to its users, over the years rolling out features such as mobile apps and browser add-ons. As it moves into its next quarter-century, is offering popular mailbox features like online office solutions, cloud storage and high-end spam-filters.

Although the term “spamming” was coined in the early nineties around the time was founded, back then most email users didn’t have to worry about their mailboxes overflowing with unwanted messages. Today is widely known as a safe and secure email provider, protecting its customers from the floods of email spam with its powerful anti-spam technology. While the brand also predates modern data protection concerns, it has always kept pace with the latest data privacy requirements.

Today users appreciate the many options for creating unique addresses offered by the more than 200 domain names to choose from. Long-time users enjoy the fact that they have not had to change their email address for decades, making it an integral part of their online identity. Customers also often positively comment on’s reliability, usability, and the reduced exposure to spam.

About is one of the top free email portals in the United States, with its data center located in Lenexa, Kansas. The company offers its consumer and business users an unparalleled selection of more than 200 supplier-neutral email addresses related to a broad variety of topics like business, geographic location and personal interests. also provides online office solutions and cloud applications, and presents international news covering a broad spectrum of content categories. Options such as mobile apps, browser add-ons and mail collector make it easy for users to access and manage their email accounts. With state-of-the-art internet security and careful adherence to customer privacy requirements, strives for optimum performance is a member of United Internet, Europe’s leading internet specialist.

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