Sync your contacts and calendars in our email app for Android

Are you using the email app on your Android phone? Did you know that you can sync your address book and calendar with the apps on your phone?
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In just two taps, you can sync your Android calendar and merge contacts
It only takes a few taps – we’ll show you how.

Activating Android contacts sync at setup

Do you use your Organizer and Contacts to keep track of appointments and email addresses? When you install and set up the Android email app on your smartphone, you immediately have the option of syncing your calendar and/or address book with the ones on your phone.
When you set up the app, you can activate the contacts sync
When you set up the app, you can activate the contacts sync

This means that the contacts saved directly on your phone will now automatically appear in your address book and vice-versa. So when you write a new email in the mobile app, when you start typing in the To: field you can automatically select contacts from both your address book and the one on your phone.

The same applies if you set up automatic syncing with your Organizer: Appointments and important dates from your calendar will automatically appear in the Android calendar app on your smartphone.

Merge Android contacts and calendar later

What if you did not activate the calendar and contacts sync when you first set up the app? No worries – you can sync your contacts and/or calendar at any time in your email settings:
  1. In the E-mail tab, tap the menu symbol in the upper left corner
  2. Tap the gear wheel symbol to open your settings
  3. Open your profile by tapping your email address
  4. Scroll down to “Account synchronization”
  5. Use the checkboxes to activate your address book and/or calendar sync
Screenshot of account synchronization settings in app for Android
You’ll find your account synchronization options in your email settings

Stop syncing your Android mail app

If you have activated the Android contacts merge and change you mind, you can easily stop syncing and separate your address book and calendars again. Simply navigate back to your settings by following the steps above, and tap the checked boxes to deselect the options. You will be asked to confirm your choice; press OK. This will remove contacts and/or appointments from your device.
Screenshot of deactivation of synchronization options in
You can deactivate the calendar and address book merge at any time

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