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Do you use the Cloud to store documents and photos? Then you’ll be happy to hear about our new cloud sync app that lets you access the Cloud on your desktop or laptop computer.
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No internet? No problem! You can select cloud files to sync for offline access.
The tool is available for Windows and macOS operating systems – and gives you offline access to files in your Cloud.

The Cloud for Windows or macOS

Have you ever wished you could access files in your Cloud offline when you are travelling or  your Wi-Fi is down? Problem solved: Once you’ve installed our cloud sync app on your desktop or laptop computer, you can select files and folders in your online cloud to be available no matter if you are connected to the internet or offline.

The first step: Installing the software on your computer. And before you ask, of course we offer versions for both Macs and Windows computers! You will find the download links and detailed installation instructions for Windows and macOS on our cloud synchronization page.

How does the Cloud for Windows and macOS work?

Once installed, the Cloud will appear as a folder on your computer. This folder is always  synchronized, so it shows you the entire contents your Cloud. This of course includes all  files and folders you uploaded via your web mail and/or the mobile app. So if you have uploaded a photo on your phone to your Cloud, for instance, you will immediately see it in the folder on your desktop. No extra steps or file transfers necessary.

With the Cloud sync app, you can
  • Upload digital photos: If you use the mobile app to upload photos from your phone to your Cloud, they’ll appear on your computer as well.
  • Use files offline: Select the documents, photos, etc. you want to have access to even if you are not connected to the internet.
  • Select folders for synchronization: You can decide which cloud folders you’d like synchronized on your computer.
  • Sync your files: Any changes you make to files in your Cloud will be automatically synced across your devices.
  • Share files: File sharing directly from your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder by creating and sending a share link
Screenshot of Cloud directory in Windows Explorer
With the Cloud sync tool installed, you can sync files on your computer and create share links

We hope you found this article helpful! Before you install the Cloud on your computer, why not leave us some feedback below?

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