What is a screen recorder & how to screen record on your device

Ever wanted to show someone exactly what you were seeing? In our increasingly digital world, a simple screen shot just won’t cut it sometimes. Capture the moment in a screen recording to give your recipient a first-person point of view. Screen recording can allow you to capture live stream moments, tutorials, and more. Let’s go on this journey through the art of screen recording on an iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac.
by Montanna Owens
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Learn how to screen record to capture important moments.

What is a screen recorder?

A screen recorder is software that allows you to record the screen of a device just as you would when taking a screenshot. Screenshotting is taking a photo of the screen of a device while screen recording lets you video-record the screen. This is a process of directly capturing whatever is appearing on the screen on your mobile device or computer. Screen-recording software will give you the ability to record the microphone sound as well as the device audio. You might be wondering “how do you screen record, then?” Regardless of whether you’re #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid, we’ve got a how-to tutorial for your device.

Why use a screen recorder?

Screen recording can be very helpful for students if you would like to record an online lecture to watch again later. It is also helpful for professionals that might be hosting a webinar and would like to record the webinar to make improvements in the future or gather feedback. You can screen record live streams, which is a common practice on social media. People will especially screen record a live feed of their favorite artist, actor, or social media personality to watch later or share with other fans.

If you’re a business owner and would like to create tutorials for your product, you can do this easily with screen-recording software. Many die-hard sports fans screen record a game or maybe even their favorite moment like their favorite team winning the Superbowl.
Good to know: If you’re creating tutorials from a work or personal device, be sure to be aware of what you are recording. Within screen recording software you can choose which parts of the screen you would like to capture. Be mindful of any personal information that might be shown, because this can be a cybersecurity risk. To understand more about how sharing personal information online can put you at risk, check out our explainers on Doxing: When your personal data is published online and What is spear phishing? Can you prevent it?

How to add screen record to control center on iPhone

For you to begin using the screen recording function seamlessly on iPhone, you would first need to add it to the control center; then it is accessible when you swipe down on the screen while at home or even on the lock screen.
  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Control Center
  3. In the list, find Screen Recording
  4. Click the green plus sign
Pro tip: The control center on your iPhone is meant to give you quick access to the tools you use the most. In the control center you can quickly access your alarm, notes, camera, and more. By customizing the control center in your settings, you can add and remove any controls you would like quick access to when your phone is locked or unlocked at home. These controls include the QR code scanner, Notes, Apple TV Remote, and many more useful tools.

How to screen record on iPhone

Once your controls are set up, screen recording on your iPhone is a just a swipe and then a click away. Go to the screen or view that you would like to record, then:
  1. Open the control center (this can be accessed by simply swiping down on the home screen or lock screen depending on what you would like to record)
  2. Find screen record in the control center – its icon is a dot inside of a circle
  3. Once it is selected, a countdown from 3 will start
  4. The screen recording icon will continue to appear at the top of the screen blinking red until you are done screen recording and press Stop.
Pro tip: Before you start recording your screen, make sure to mute your push notifications unless you don’t mind them being visible.

How to screen record on Mac

Starting a screen record video on Mac is simple because you only have to press a few keys on the keyboard. You also have multiple screen-recording options you can choose from, such as duration and selecting a specific area of the screen to be recorded.
  1. Hold Command + Shift + 5 to open the screenshot toolbar
  2. Choose your recording options
  3. Select Record
  4. To end your screen recording session, hold Control + Command + Escape

How to screen record on Windows

Contrary to popular belief, screen recording for Windows is also quite simple. Ever heard of the snipping tool? This tool not only let’s you screen record important information to send to your colleagues, but it also allows you to screenshot.
  1. Search for the snipping tool in the toolbar
  2. Click on Snipping tool
  3. Select New
  4. Choose between a photo (the camera icon) or a video (the camcorder icon)
  5. Select your screen recording settings
  6. Press Start
  7. To end the recording press Stop

How to screen record on Android

The process for screen recording on Android is straightforward and deals with your quick settings as well. The quick settings allow you to quickly access tools on your phone without having to search for an app every time.
  1. From your home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Select the screen-record icon (this icon is a dot inside of a circle). If the icon is there, continue with step 4, if it does not appear, continue with step 3.
  3. Tap the edit icon (this is a pencil) and drag the screen-record icon to your ‘Quick Settings’
  4. Go to the screen you want to record
  5. Press Start
  6. To stop recording, swipe down from the top of the screen and select Stop

Apps for screen recording

Most devices have a basic screen recording function built in, but what if you want a little bit more razzle dazzle with your screen recording? You can use screen recording apps. There are different screen recording apps out there suited for specific uses.
  • Loom- One of the most versatile screen-recording software that allows for quick screen recording across multiple devices and programs. Loom software is compatible with Android, iPhone/iPad, Chrome, Mac, and Windows. This app works effortlessly for hastily screen recording something.
  • Camtasia- If your passion is video editing, then this app might be the one for you. You can quickly create special effects and customize your screen recorded masterpiece. It is very suitable for making tutorial videos and can be downloaded on Mac and Windows.
  • OBS Studio- The go-to software when you want to screen record a live stream. Maybe you’re streaming the Superbowl and you want to show your cousins across the country. OBS studio is free and ideal for live stream screen recording.

Now, you’ve become a screen recording wiz but maybe you would like to keep your masterpieces in one location easily accessible wherever you are. Why not store your download screen recorded content on your mail.com Cloud? Check out How to use mail.com’s free cloud.

Learning to screen record gives you many possibilities for recording all kinds of moments, information, and even creating tutorials. Before you go off exploring all the wonders of screen recording video, let us know what you think about this article below.

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