announces 10 most popular email domains

Email service lets users choose from more than 100 domains to create 10 free custom addresses.
Metalic "at" symbol on a white background is the most popular geographical domain name offered by

Philadelphia, January 25, 2023. today announced the top 10 domain names that customers choose for their email addresses most often. Next to, the most popular domains are, and Professional domain names, and are also in the top 10.

All users can choose from a selection of over 100 brand-neutral domain names to create up to 10 free email addresses. These can reflect one’s profession – such as,, Domain names,, and other help freelance professionals and small businesses to communicate with their customers. Users can create an address connected to their favorite activities with such domains as,,, or Or their address can describe the place where they live –,, or are only some of the examples. For the full list of available email domains at, please refer to allows up to 10 different custom email addresses that can all be conveniently managed within a single account. Each free account comes with 65 GB of email storage, and additional 2 GB of cloud storage. With a Premium membership customers enjoy an ad-free inbox, telephone customer support and additional cloud storage.

Top 10 custom domains:


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