Cloud Welcome Tour: Easy instructions for your 2 GB free storage

Ever feel like you’d like to try out cloud storage, but you’re not sure how to get started? Never fear, ­ makes it easy – with 2 GB of free online storage right in your mailbox. And now we’ve added easy-to-follow instructions to help you upload and share photos and documents from your computer and smartphone.
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Join our tour to learn how to use the Cloud!

by Alyssa Schmitt

The Cloud is integrated with your inbox in the web browser and the mobile apps for iOS and Android. So in just a few clicks, you can use our Cloud to open, save, email or share files.  Whenever and wherever you need your photos or documents, they are there for you in your Cloud. Which makes this a great place to back up your data.

New: Cloud Welcome Tour

And now to get you started using our Cloud, we’ve compiled the most important information you need in one location. Not only does our welcome tour link to detailed explainers that show you the basic functions of the Cloud, but we’ve also added a cheat sheet in the form of a PDF that you can download and/or print. Just go to the bottom of the left navigation menu and click the question-mark symbol to get started.
Screenshot of cloud information in web client
Click the question-mark symbol in the lower left menu to start your Cloud tour

Still learning your way around your Cloud? We’ve also added some helpful prompts to help you get things done. To find answers to the question “What do you want to do?” simply click “Show suggestions.” Next, click on the desired action and a helpful prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Screenshot of cloud use prompts in web client
Screenshot of cloud use prompts in web client

If you need more help with the Cloud, you can also visit our Help Center for more detailed information about the Cloud.

And if you still don't have a account, you can create your free email address here.

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