How to sync your email address book with your iPhone contacts

You’ve already made your default iPhone email app but are having issues adding contacts to and from your app and your iPhone?
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It’s a snap to synchronize contacts between and your iPhone!
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Sync your Contacts with your iOS device

To synchronize contacts from your email address book with your iPhone contacts simply follow the steps below:

1. Start by accessing Contacts in your app
Screenshot of contacts
You’ll find Contacts in the left menu

2. If this is the first time accessing your contacts after downloading the app, you will have to first grant access to your contacts on your iOS device. This will allow for your contacts to be transferred to your address book.
Screenshot of permission to add contacts
Give permission to access your contacts

3. To sync contacts between and your iPhone so that any changes or updates made on your iPhone are available on and vice versa, start by accessing your iPhone Mail Settings and selecting Accounts
Screenshot of iPhone Mail settings
Now switch to your iPhone settings

4. Follow by clicking on Add Account and selecting Other
Screenshot of Add Account options in iPhone
You can add your account here

5. Under Contacts, select Add CardDAV Account
Screenshot of adding CardDAV
This step lets your iPhone access your Contacts

6. Type the server input as indicated below, in addition to your username and password
Screenshot of input for CardDAV
Use your login credentials here

7. Save the changes by clicking Next. As a last step, you will be lastly asked whether you would like to keep the existing local contacts on your iPhone or delete them, so choose carefully based on your preference.

By following these easy steps you can easily manage your digital address book. You can follow the same steps with your app on your iPad.

If you still haven’t made your default iPhone email app, see our post to find out more.

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