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Feature-Packed Email Client

Online email client

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The Best Free Email Client brings unrivaled functionality to your free email client, helping you to enjoy more efficient communication alongside improved organization. In addition to being accessible from any web browser, the online email client is also available for your iOS or Android device with the app. This means you can enjoy unrestricted access to your email and other files, wherever you may be.

The free email client from can be fully personalized based on your preferences. Firstly, with more than 200 domain names available, you can find the perfect email address that reflects your professional or personal requirements. Choose from business domains that enhance your company profile or, if you are looking for private mail for your client, you can choose a domain related to your hobbies, your country or your favorite music, plus many more.

With support for attachments of up to 30 MB, also offers users the opportunity to send large files with ease. This means you can send photos and videos to friends and family without the need for compression. Alongside this, you will also benefit from our large email storage with comprehensive archiving facilities, giving you the option to hang on to your correspondence as long as you wish, while providing easy access to emails you need to keep.

Tools and Utilities for Your Mail Client

Complementing the features found within your online email client, also brings you a number of tools and utilities to help you organize more efficiently. Firstly, the Mail Collector helps you to manage your communications easily. Combine several email addresses and view all of your correspondence from one, central place. Thanks to the benefit of universal access, our premium forwarding feature will also help you to keep up with your personal and private email, wherever you are. Security is also important when it comes to your communications, for this reason, the email client includes a powerful spam filter and antivirus software. This means you will receive less junk mail, saving you valuable administration time and helping you to stay on top of your correspondence without sifting through mountains of unwanted mail. It also means you will be protected from external threats such as viruses, Trojans and other spyware, ensuring that your email and other data is always protected. Organizing your communication with is also simple. Other files may be conveniently stored within the email cloud, and Cloud gives you 2 GB of space to save your documents, music, photos & video and other attachments. Alongside this feature, the email clients help you to stay on top of your scheduling with a useful Organizer tool. With this, you can easily open appointments from your email directly into your calendar – the perfect way to keep on top of a busy schedule.

Premium Email Accounts from

If you are looking to integrate your account with your favorite email client, then you can take advantage of our Premium service. Our premium email accounts allow you to link your email to the best free email clients on the market through POP3 and IMAP protocols. With this, you can link numerous accounts and stay on top of your communications more efficiently. Alongside this feature, the Premium accounts also include comprehensive telephone support with a team of dedicated specialists ready to solve any issues or answer any questions you may have. Finally, to help you become even more efficient, each Premium account is completely ad-free, so you can enjoy’s clear and intuitive interface without any distractions.

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