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With so many email providers currently on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the best email service for your needs. Thankfully,’s email services are powerful, comprehensive and fully customizable – meaning you’ll never have to look far to find the features you want. What’s more, with a host of personalization settings and the opportunity to choose from over 200 unique domains, you can make your email truly yours. Choose from a wealth of both personal and professional domains suitable for a variety of purposes. The webmail client is clear, intuitive and can be accessed with your preferred web browser from any computer with an Internet connection. This means you can enjoy unrestricted access to your email alongside a variety of useful tools and utilities. The Mail Collector allows you to consolidate a number of email accounts and access your mail from one, centralized interface. In addition to this, mail services can also be accessed through your smartphone or tablet PC for a truly mobile experience – perfect for those who are always on the move. Alongside these features, you will also find that our free email service provides all the essential features you require on a daily basis. Spam filters and antivirus software keep your data safe and secure while a comprehensive email archiving system ensures you can hold on to important communications for as long as you need them. Large attachments up to 30 MB are also supported so you can send big files to friends, family or colleagues.

Much More Than a Free Email Service brings you much more than just a simple email service – it helps you to stay organized and work with greater efficiency. Our Organizer helps you manage your time more effectively, allowing you to synchronize your calendars across your professional and personal life. Simply open your appointments from your email into the Organizer so you can keep track of your busy schedule. Alongside easy online access, printable versions of your schedule are also available for those times you can’t access a computer. Our mail services also bundle a number of useful apps and other software utilities to bring greater functionality to your communications, including personalized editions of Firefox and Internet Explorer that feature integrated tool bars and search capabilities. Alongside this, Android and iOS apps make mobile communications a breeze – putting a portable and powerful mail service directly at your fingertips. The MailCheck application is also available to help you improve your communication experience, allowing you to access your email through a one-click login. Integrated with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, MailCheck notifies you of incoming mail directly through your browser. What’s more, you can quickly and efficiently manage multiple mail services and monitor your correspondence more efficiently - perfect for busy people who need to multitask.

Premium Mail Service from is proud to bring you the very best free email service, however, if you are looking for even more features and functionality, then’s Premium account is the truly professional choice. Completely ad free and with comprehensive telephone support, Premium mail services allow you to take control of correspondence and time management. Full POP3 and IMAP integration is also supported to allow seamless communication with your email client of choice. Once you have set up your free email service, it is simple to upgrade to a Premium account with just a few clicks. Why not sign up today and explore the powerful tools and utilities at

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