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Featuring up to 65 GB of email storage, full mobile access, online organizational tools, unique and memorable email domains, our convenient Mail Collector, and an intuitive interface, brings professional webmail to a whole new level. Discover our webmail solutions today and streamline your online communications.

Discover a wealth of powerful features with

Email is an indispensable part of our everyday communications, and since the advent of webmail in the early 90s, the public has had greater access to email correspondence. Webmail was developed to provide an online interface that allowed intuitive management of email online. It soon replaced older email interfaces that required third-party software for operation and gave users the opportunity to access email through a browser. Over the course of the next 20 years, webmail continued to develop, allowing people to quickly and efficiently contact people anywhere in the world.

Today, it is estimated that more than 200 billion emails are sent each day, with the number growing year on year. With this in mind, it is more essential than ever to ensure that you sign-up for a webmail solution that meets today’s demanding requirements. Thankfully, a webmail account combines a variety of powerful features to help you communicate in the digital world.

Eye-catching webmail account solution

Choose from over 200 eye-catching and memorable domain names to tailor your communications to your chosen application, benefit from a powerful antivirus and an effective spam filter, enjoy comprehensive email archiving plus much more. Additionally, when compared to desktop email, webmail brings increased accessibility through your preferred browser. This means that you are no longer tied to your desk, since your email is available to you anywhere you find an Internet connection.

Our webmail secure servers are based wholly in the cloud, meaning that your data is spread across numerous hardware servers. This reduces the risk of data loss as, in the unlikely event of hardware failure, your data is stored in multiple locations. Again, this is an advantage over desktop email where your data is stored on your computer and a computer crash or virus can sometimes prove catastrophic. Finally, your webmail also benefits from increased security with a reduced chance of hacking when compared to desktop email.

Webmail from—ultimate versatility

Webmail offers users the ultimate in flexibility and versatility. This means that, while mobile access is always guaranteed, you can also tie your email to your desktop using your preferred email client. This option provides the best of both worlds, offering the reassurance of webmail alongside the always-on access of desktop mail.

One of the added benefits of desktop mail is that you can receive email without opening your browser and most of the popular email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, eM Client, Inky, Outlook, and Apple Mail support this feature. Integrating your webmail with these programs is done through POP3 and IMAP protocols - both of which are available in our Premium webmail accounts.

How can I set up my webmail?

Getting started with is simple. Here’s how to set up your webmail account:

  • Choose your desired email domain from over 200 domains
  • Enter your personal details and your desired email address; here you may also choose from one of our hundreds of domain names
  • Choose a secure password (preferably including letters, numbers and special characters) and a security question
  • You may then proceed to create your account where you will be presented with your account information (which may be printed for future reference) and continue to your inbox—it’s that simple

Webmail with is designed with you in mind

Webmail at is not only convenient to access and efficient to use, but it also has a nifty online calendar and organizer tool to help you keep track of appointments and meetings. Since you can access your webmail from any browser, you can also check your email and calendar from any internet-enabled device.

Plan your day on your home computer, double check the meeting time from your phone, and send a reminder to your co-workers from your notebook; with the webmail server, it’s all there whenever and wherever you need it. allows you to get organized and synchronized all through webmail!

Premium webmail from

The webmail service is free - and will always remain that way. However, for the ultimate in webmail solutions then offers a Premium service with increased functionality. Our great value Premium package includes an extra 100GB File Storage, ad-free mailbox, full POP3/IMAP access, read receipt functions and full telephone support.

This means that you can streamline your communications even further and enjoy truly professional features. Premium webmail can be selected during the sign-up process, or at any time afterward. Discover webmail and benefit from a wealth of powerful tools and utilities.

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