New: Cloud in the Mail App for Android

Great news for everyone who loves using the Cloud and Mail App! A new tab in our Android app means you can access your online storage wherever you happen to be. From photo uploads to a secure file-sharing function, it’s packed with useful functions.
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Use the Cloud on your computer or smartphone
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The new Cloud tab in our Mail App offers you direct access to the Cloud, with its secure online storage for all your photos, videos and documents. This means you can use all your stored files on your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can also upload items directly from those devices to your Cloud. What’s more, the automatic upload function can be activated to automatically back up photos, so your memories are in a safe place – no matter what happens to your phone.

The Cloud is included for free in every email account. No additional sign-up is necessary – once you create a free email account with, you have instant access to our cloud storage. (If you aren’t sure how to get started using your free online storage, you can check out our explainer: How to use’s free Cloud)

How do I access my Cloud on Android?

We’re glad you asked! Make sure your Mail App is up to date (version 7.2 ). You’ll see a Cloud tab at the bottom of the screen next to the Email tab:
Screenshot of Cloud tab in Mail App for Android
You’ll find the Cloud tab in the bottom right of your screen

Simply tap on Cloud to start using the Cloud on your Android device. Any files or photos that you already uploaded to your Cloud in the web browser will now appear in the app as well. To view the different options, tap on the gear wheel in the upper right corner:
Screenshot of Cloud settings in Mail App for Android
Tap on the gear wheel to see your Cloud settings

Now that you have the Cloud at your fingertips in our Mail App, why not take a few minutes and explore its many useful functions: Good to know: If you’d like to access your Cloud on your smartphone but would prefer not to use the Mail App, we also offer a stand-alone Cloud app. If you’re an iPhone user, don’t worry – you can also use your Cloud in our Mail App for iOS. And rest assured that no matter how you access your Cloud, your data is always stored on our highly secure servers.

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