How to write email invitations for a birthday party or event

Is your birthday coming up? Planning a party for your son’s graduation? Congratulations! Whether you are hosting a brunch for six or a barbeque for 100, the one thing your celebration absolutely needs is guests. And email is the perfect way to invite them. Learn how to write effective email party invitations in our blog post – with examples!
by Alyssa Schmitt
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If you want all your friends at your party, send them an email invite!

How to write a birthday invitation

There is a lot of room for creativity when writing a birthday invitation email, from including a photo of the guest of honor to punny jokes based on the party theme. However, what’s most important when writing an invitation is to clearly communicate the basic details of who, what, where, why, and when:
  1. Name of the guest of honor: Whether you are throwing a party for yourself, a family member, or a friend, it’s important that your guests know who they are celebrating.
  2. Location: Even if you are hosting a party at home, be sure to include the full address so people can find it with their GPS. Include any special instructions like where to park or landmarks to look out for.
  3. Date and time: Your invitation should always include the date and the starting time of the party, and you can also include an ending time – especially for an event like a children’s birthday party where guests will need to be picked up at the end.
  4. RSVP details: If you want people to let you know whether they are coming, tell them specifically how and by when they should RSVP.
  5. Brief description of the birthday party: Are you throwing a brunch, a cocktail party, or a group hike? Will food be served? Let your guests know what to expect.
  6. Any special instructions: Is there a special dress code for your party? Can the invitees bring a plus one? Should they bring a dish to share? Is this a “no gifts” situation? Be sure to tell your guests so they can plan accordingly.
Need some inspiration? Check out our examples of email invitations for birthday parties below!

Birthday party invitation subject lines

Even if you have written the perfect email invitation for your party, it will be wasted if no one opens and reads it! If your subject line simply reads “Invitation” or “Birthday” there is always a chance it will be overlooked in a full inbox. Instead, the subject line should make it clear that the recipient is being invited to a party and who it is for. Here are five sample subject lines for your birthday party email invite:
  1. Save the Date: [Name]’s Birthday Brunch
  2. Celebrate with us: [Name]’s birthday party
  3. Join us in celebrating [Name]’s special day!
  4. Don’t miss [Name]’s birthday extravaganza!
  5. You’re invited to [Name]’s birthday celebration

Email invitation templates for your event

Email invitation for an informal birthday party

Subject: Let’s party: [Name]’s birthday BBQ!

Dear [Friend’s name],

Cheers to forty years! Join us for a fun-filled backyard BBQ in honor of [Name]’s 40th birthday.

Date: [Date]
Time: [Start Time] onwards
Location: [Address]

Let’s fire up the grill and enjoy some refreshing drinks and lots of laughter as we celebrate [Name]’s reaching the big 4-0! Please bring along your favorite side dish to add to the feast. Dress code is casual for this afternoon of music, games, and great conversation.

Please RSVP to [email address] by [date] so we can make sure there’s enough food and drink to go around!

We can’t wait to see you!
[Your name]
[Your contact information]

 Email invitation to a child’s birthday party

Subject line: Save the Date: [Name]’s Dino-mite birthday

Dear [Friend’s name],

Calling all little explorers: Your help is needed for a Jurassic adventure to celebrate [Name]’s [age] birthday! Let’s have a roaring good time with dinosaur crafts, T-rex snacks, and a dino dig treasure hunt.

Feel free get into the Tyranno-spirit by wearing your favorite Triceratops t-shirt, paleontologist hat, or other dinosaur-related gear.

Date: [Date]
Time: [Start Time] - [End Time]
Location: [Address]

Please RSVP by [date] so we have enough dino goodies for everyone! If you have any questions or special dietary needs, please reach out to me at this email address.

We're looking forward to having a ROAR-some party with you!
[Your name]
[Your contact information]

Pro tip: Send a free birthday invitation ecard with

If you’d like to give your email party invitation a special touch, we recommend adding some fun graphics or images. For example, you could use the templates to create an ecard invite. Simply log into your account on your computer and click Compose E-mail. In the menu bar under the subject line, click Stationery and then select Birthday 1 or Birthday 2. Customize your email invitation with the details of your party – you can even add a photo to give your invite a personal touch!
Screenshot of email invitation created in
Use the stationery template in your inbox to design a custom invite

Email invitation to an event

Are you planning a party for an occasion other than a birthday – a graduation, anniversary, or other milestone? No worries – the same rules apply! Just make sure the following information is clearly listed for your guests:
  • Occasion being celebrated
  • Name of the guest of honor
  • Location
  • Date and time
  • RSVP request
  • Details about activities or theme
What is an example of an email invitation for an event? Here is an invitation template to get you started:

Email invitation to golden anniversary celebration

Subject: You’re invited to [Name & Name]’s Golden Wedding Anniversary

Dear Friends and Family,

Half a century of love and laughter is an achievement worth celebrating! We would be honored for you to join us at a golden anniversary party for [couple's names].

Date: [Date]
Time: [Start Time]
Venue: [Location/Address]

Let’s celebrate together with an elegant evening of dinner and dancing in the company of cherished friends and family.

Speeches and toasts honoring the couple are welcome. Dress code is semi-formal.

Please RSVP by [RSVP Date] to ensure we can make arrangements for all our guests.

Looking forward to celebrating this milestone with you!
[Your name]
[Your contact info]

No matter what sort of event you are planning, you can simply substitute the relevant information for your party, personalize it with any images or decorations you like, and send it to your guest list in a single click!

Pro tip: Send a calendar invite for your birthday party

If you know your friends like to manage their lives with their online calendars, you can send out your birthday invitation email as a calendar invite. This function lets you send your invitation directly from your calendar – so your guests not only receive your invitation message, but also can accept your invite and save the date in their own calendars. If you are interested in sending invitations using your Organizer, see our explainer:  Your Organizer: Set up email reminders, appointments and invites

Now you know how to write the perfect invitation email for your party! So what are you waiting for? Start sending out your invitations today – as soon as you’ve left us some feedback about this article.

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