Practical keyboard shortcuts for your inbox

Searching for the right function to click in a menu can take time. That's why many laptop users have certain keyboard shortcuts they use to speed up their workflow, like Ctrl + Z to quickly undo a mistake. Others simply prefer their laptop keyboard to a touchpad or mouse.
If this sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to learn that many important keyboard shortcuts also work in your inbox.
by Alyssa Schmitt
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Send emails straight to Spam by tapping the “S” key

Why do I need keyboard shortcuts for email?

You might be familiar with keyboard shortcuts for working with documents and spreadsheets, but they can also save you time when you log into your account in your web browser. Following up on our deep-dive into keyboard shortcuts for your PC or Mac, we have now compiled a list of handy keyboard shortcuts to turbocharge your email experience.

Shortcuts for your email list

We all like to work our way down our email list as quickly as possible – and did you know there are four shortcuts you can use to speed up the process? First, you can use the ↓↑ keys to move up and down the list, which automatically selects the next or previous email on the list. Once you have selected an email in your list, you can type:
  • A to reply to the selected message
  • S to send the selected message to your Spam folder
  • Del to send the selected message to your Trash folder

Shortcuts for your Compose E-mail window

Once you have started composing a new email, you may have found yourself wondering if your favorite keyboard shortcuts will work here. We’re here to tell you they do – regardless of whether you use a Windows computer or a Mac! Here are our favorites:
Windows shortcut Mac shortcut Function
Ctrl + A Command + A
Select all
Shift + ←/→/↑/↓ Command + ←/→/↑/↓
Select text
Ctrl + X Command +X
Cut selected text
Ctrl + C Command + C   Copy selected text to clipboard
Ctrl + V Command + V Paste text from clipboard
Ctrl + Z Command
Undo previous action
Ctrl + Y Command +Y Redo previous undo
Ctrl + Home/End   Go to the top/bottom of your message
And yes, you really can select text without a mouse using the Shift + ←/→/↑/↓ shortcut! Give it a try, we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

What’s more, the following text formatting shortcuts work in your email program on both Windows and Apple computers:
  • Underline text:  Ctrl + U
  • Boldface text:  Ctrl + B
  • Italic text: Ctrl + I
  • Add a hyperlink: Ctrl + K

Favorite browser shortcuts

Let’s not forget that since you are using in your computer’s internet browser, many of your favorite browser shortcuts will work here as well. Maybe I’m showing my age, but I always appreciate the ability to zoom in on small print using Ctrl + and then zoom back out again with Ctrl - .

And if you ever want to take a screenshot of part or all of an email, you can use the following shortcuts:
  • Windows: Prt Sc (on some computers, Print)
  • Windows: Windows + Shift + S
  • Mac: Shift + Command + 4
We hope these keyboard shortcuts let you zip through your emails every day! Please let us know what you thought of this article below.

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