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Screenshot of window to select contacts for import in makes it easy to import some or all of your email contacts from other accounts

Keeping track of all your contacts can sometimes seem like a daunting task – checking through your multiple accounts and sources to find that email address that you absolutely need. The experience, however, can be made effortless by importing your email contacts to your online address book!

What is the address book?

The address book online is a built-in feature that efficiently organizes your digital contacts. One of the best things about Contacts? You can import your contacts from multiple sources and even synchronize them with the Mail App. This makes it easy to manage and edit your online contacts with a simple click.

How do you import contacts?

To start importing your contacts, select Contacts on the top menu bar of your mailbox and follow up by selecting Import Contacts to continue with the process.
Screenshot of import contact settings in email
Click Import Contacts to migrate email addresses saved in another email account

You will then see three available methods you can use, depending on the source from which the contacts will be imported.
Screenshot of three options for importing contacts in account
It’s possible to import your contacts from many different email programs

Importing contacts from Outlook

If you’re importing contacts from Outlook, click on the far-left icon and a set of instructions of how to export your contacts from your Outlook account will appear. Follow these instructions by going to your Outlook account and opening your Options, where you can export and save your contacts as a file. Once you have done so, you simply complete the process by returning to your Contacts and clicking on Upload.
Screenshot of export contacts option in MS Outlook
To export your contacts from Outlook, go to File > Options > Advanced

Importing contacts from Google

If importing Google contacts or email addresses from another provider that is not listed, you follow a similar process as above. In your Google email account, go to your contacts and click Export, save the file in the supported format (CSV), and complete the process in your Contacts by clicking on Import from File.
Screenshot of export contacts option in Gmail
Export your Gmail contacts as a Google CSV file

The contact function supports imports in the following formats:
  • .vcf, e.g., GMX, Apple
  • .csv, e.g. Outlook, Windows Mail, Google
  • .ldif, e.g. Thunderbird

Importing contacts from Yahoo

When importing from Yahoo, you will be asked to connect to the originating account to continue with the process, so you’ll have to log in with your Yahoo credentials. In the next step, agree to let have access to your Yahoo contacts – the rest runs automatically! You can check the list of imported contacts and select the ones you want to keep and the ones you don’t. Additionally, you have the option of adding the new contacts to an existing group or simply creating a new group. You should receive a confirmation at the end of the process listing the number of overall contacts imported.
Screenshot of import Yahoo contacts option in email
Success! Your Yahoo email contacts have been imported to your account

And remember, when importing new contact data, no information is lost in the process!
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