How to use MailCheck to stay logged in to your email

Have you ever been eagerly waiting for an email, but you have other internet surfing to do? Goodness! Don’t you just wish there was a way for you to quickly check if that important email finally came in without having to switch browser windows, type in your log in details, click log in, and search your unread emails?
Look no further! The MailCheck feature with is exactly what you need.

by Montanna Owens
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Even when your hands are full, a MailCheck notification can let you know you have a new email.

What is MailCheck?

MailCheck does exactly what its name says… it is a web browser add-on that checks your mail. With this handy-dandy mail checking component as a browser extension, you can be notified whenever you receive a new email. It is not only limited to one email account either! Do you have multiple alias addresses or multiple email addresses? You can add them to MailCheck, receive your email notifications, and switch between email addresses with ease. While this explainer is all about MailCheck, if you are interested in a deep dive into notifications, you can also check out our explainer for installing MailCheck and enabling notifications through the mobile app.

Benefits of MailCheck  

  1. Stay logged in- You can give your inbox refresh button a rest, especially if you’re waiting on an important email like an offer for a job or important documents for a big purchase. Our MailCheck add-on keeps you logged into your email account so if you want to check if that email finally came in, all you have to do it click on the icon and it will show how many unread messages you have.
  2. Email notifications when you’re browsing- Remaining logged in is pretty extravagant right? Well, we’ll do you one better — instead of having to click on the extension to check your incoming emails, you can get a notification sent right there within your browser. Let’s say you are catching up with friends and family on Facebook to take your mind off of waiting for that important email. You’re enjoying life then BOOM! A notification pops up in your browser and you can clearly see the email you have been waiting for has finally come in.
  3. Delete emails immediately- Did an email come through that you do not particularly need or care about? Just delete it! Right then and there, no problem. You will see it disappear as it goes to your Trash folder.
  4. Connect multiple email accounts- As we alluded to earlier, you can add more than one inbox to the MailCheck extension. When you do this, you give yourself email freedom and convenience to check what new or unread emails are coming through across accounts.
  5. MailCheck is custom- You can change your MailCheck settings easily within the extension. There you can customize the notification tone, how you receive notifications, which emails are shown, and more.

Tutorial: Customize your MailCheck settings to make it work for you!

Take a look at our MailCheck tutorial where we teach you how you can directly customize your settings as well as how to download, delete, and add multiple email accounts.

Within the MailCheck settings, you can give us your direct feedback on the tool. We always look for an opportunity to improve our services. Speaking of feedback… did you find this article informative? Let us know your feedback below!

The MailCheck browser extension is definitely an email trick for multiple accounts. Still don’t have an account with us? Sign up for free and you too can take part in quick email access with’s MailCheck.

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