Best blog posts of 2022: Don’t miss these reader favorites

This year the blog covered so many exciting topics, from new product features to email life hacks and deep dives into IT history. Afraid you missed one of our popular explainers? Never fear: It’s time for our traditional year-end recap of reader favorites.
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Which blog posts had our readers smiling in 2022?

Check out our readers’ top 10 posts of 2022 below. Be sure to click the title of the article if you’d like to read – or reread! – the post.

1. Email greetings: The best formal and informal email openings

Ever struggle to start an email because you’re not sure about the right salutation or opener? Not sure if “Hi” is an appropriate email greeting? Our blog shared email openings that you can use in professional emails or informal messages – plus a list of mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

2. How to make emojis from a keyboard on your laptop or computer

We all know how to make emojis on our phones, but did you know there is an emoji keyboard on your laptop as well? The blog showed you three easy ways to make emojis on a computer, whether on Windows or Mac. And of course, we revealed where to find the emojis in your email.

3. Trouble signing in with Fixes for common login problems

Have you ever had problems logging into your account? It doesn’t happen often, but just in case, the blog presented nine troubleshooting ideas to help you sign in. Often times it’s just as easy as clearing your browser cache or updating the mobile app.

4. Beware of phishing emails: New risks in 2022 and how to stay safe

Have you ever received a fake email asking you to enter your password or else your account will be locked? This is an example of a scam called “phishing”. And because unfortunately there were a lot of phishing mails circulating in 2022, the blog offered a refresher in how to protect yourself.

5. How to restore closed tabs and sessions in your web browser

Ever been surfing the web and accidentally close a tab or have your entire browser crash? Never fear – it’s usually easy to restore them, and you can even change your settings so your browser always reopens right where you left off. Our blog showed you how to restore browsing sessions in popular browsers. 

6. Does email work in space? How astronauts send emails

Ever wonder how astronauts check their emails in space? From the space shuttle to the ISS, readers enjoyed our blog post about the history of email in space – and our pro tips on how to follow astronauts on social media and receive NASA email alerts. This post was part of our popular series on IT history.

7. How to view and delete your browsing history in all browser types

Are you shopping for Christmas presents online and want to keep your shop visits secret from your family? Or maybe you don’t want your browser to save information you’ve entered into an online form? Clearing your browser history is the solution! The blog showed you how.

8. How to stop spam text messages: Prevent, block and report

Have you received a weird text message with links and did not know the sender or understand the contents of the message? It is possible you have been the recipient of a spam text. And because hates all forms of spam, we showed you how you can stop text spam.

9. Life hack: How to mass-delete emails quickly for an organized inbox

Ready for an email life hack? Our blog showed you how to save time with tricks that let you delete messages efficiently, delete emails in bulk, and automatically delete mail in folders. And this is just one of the popular life hacks we shared with readers this year.

10. Scan documents on your iPhone in just a few taps

Since taking a useable snapshot of a document with your camera can be tricky, you may think you need to use a separate scanner or install an app on your iPhone just for scanning. But the blog showed you other options for scanning documents right on your iPhone and in the Mail App.
We hope we helped you discover a useful post that you missed the first time or rediscover a helpful piece of advice. And most importantly, thanks our loyal blog readers and wishes you all the best in the new year!

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