Send a last-minute holiday photo card – with email

Did you want to send out personalized holiday cards this year but never found time to have them printed? Or you finally have the perfect photo but know it’ll never get there on time by snail mail?
Back view of woman wearing backpack looking at winter landscape
It’s not too late to send your holiday card – by email!
In just a few clicks you can create and send a personalized greeting card from your email account.

Send holiday photo cards by email

You may have seen the Stationery button in your Compose E-mail window, but never had a reason to check it out. This is the place to go any time you’d like to send last-minute photo greetings, straight to your loved ones’ email inboxes. For a photo card for Christmas, New Year, or other winter holidays, try our “Winter” greeting card:
Screenshot of “Compose E-mail” stationery options
There are several options for creating a photo card

To personalize your card with a photo, simply click Upload picture in the image placeholder to select a photo from your computer’s hard drive. (If you prefer to send a card without a picture, select Stationery without image in the left dropdown menu) Once you have your photo in place, you can type in your message – and don’t forget to customize it with fonts (under More) and smileys if desired:
Screenshot of “Winter” stationery with photo and text added
Customize your email photo card with a picture and greeting

Once you have designed your holiday card to your satisfaction, all you need to do is add your recipient(s) in the To field and hit Send.

We hope you found this short tutorial helpful! Before you start creating your holiday card, please leave us some feedback below!

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