How to choose an email address

Need a new email address? Once you have decided on a provider, the toughest part is coming up with a unique email address. Maybe you just want to use your name, maybe you are looking to get creative and choose an address that reflects your personality or business. And once you come up with a great idea, you find that your dream name isn’t available!
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Creative email names can be hard to find!
Never fear – can help you find the perfect name to go with our unique domains.

How to get an email address with your name

For many people, the top preference for an email address is their own name. We get that – it’s the easiest option for you and others to remember, and there’s no risk that anyone will find your email address silly or unprofessional. If you have a common name, however, you will probably find it hard to sign up with the usual combination of “firstname.lastname”. But don’t give up too easily! Before you resign yourself to “maria.brown15634” – which we can assure you that no one, not even you, will be able to remember – try reversing the order of your first and last name, adding a middle name or initial, or using a nickname.. For example, try “brown.maria”, “maria.dorothea.brown”, “dotty.brown”, “m.d.brown”, etc. You can also try using a dash or an underscore instead of the dot, as in “maria_brown” or “maria-dorothea-brown”.

If you’d like to create an email address with, this is also where our 200+ domain names can come to the rescue! Go to our domain chooser to check for available combinations – if is already taken, then you can keep trying your name in combination with other domain names. For example, you could choose one that matches your location, like or, for an easy-to-remember email address. If you need some help, please see the sign-up instructions below.

A unique email ID

A memorable email address idea is often one that is unique. But coming up with a one-of-a-kind address isn’t always easy, particularly if you are not interested in using your actual name in the address. We understand that some of you would rather not include your name in your email address, however – because of privacy concerns, for instance. In this case, we advise selecting an email id that is easy to spell and pronounce, and also not too long. Random strings of letters or numbers are also hard to remember. Instead, we recommend using words having to do with a hobby, profession, or interest, like “bird.watcher” or “glass.blower”. Other ideas include the name of a pet, location, favorite color, or season. Jot down a few ideas and see if they are available in combination with a domain name you’d like. Now imagine using that email address in a variety of contexts – on social media or to write to your bank, doctor, or the principal at your kid’s school. If the name seems appropriate for all your intended uses, you have a winner!

How to choose an email address at

If you have a great email address idea, you can follow the five steps below to check its availability with
  1. Click the Create an Account button on our homepage
  2. Fill in your personal details such as your name, location, and gender
  3. Enter your desired email address
  4. Click Check availability
  5. If your desired email address is available and you are ready to create your account, agree to our terms and conditions and click Accept
And don’t worry – if you have more than one great idea for an email address, you can create up to 10 addresses within a single account using our alias address feature. Which definitely should take some of the pressure out of this decision!

Did this post give you some useful pointers on choosing an email address? We look forward to your feedback below.

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