How do I set up email on an iPhone?

You’ve tried manually to add an email to your iPhone but have been unsuccessful? We’re here to help! Read along and follow the easy steps below to complete your iPhone email setup and learn how to add to your iPhone!
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Add email accounts on your iPhone in a few easy steps

Today, learn how to set up email on your iPhone:

  1. Add to an iPhone
  2. Set up email on an iPhone
  3. Connect Premium to the Apple mail app

Setting up your free email account on an iPhone

For an optimized experience for our FreeMail customers, we recommend installing our Mail App for iOS on your iPhone or iPad. No IMAP settings are necessary here – simply download our free, secure app and follow the setup instructions. The app also has the advantage of giving you full access to your Cloud on your mobile device.

Once you have installed the mobile app for iOS, simply log in with your username and password and your emails and cloud files will automatically be synchronized with the app. No further action is needed on your part!

You can download our mobile app directly in the Apple App Store or on our download page: Email apps for your life on the go

screenshot of email inbox in app for iOS
Our app for iOS is the optimal way to add to your iPhone
Good to know: Once you have installed our iOS email app, you can make it your default iPhone email app. This means that everything having to do with email on your phone, e.g. opening “mailto” links, will automatically take place through the app. Sound good? Find out how in our explainer: Change your default mail app on iPhone

How to set up email on an iPhone

If you prefer to use the native iOS Mail app to manage your emails on your iPhone, you will have to set up each email account manually in that app. In some cases, like a Premium account, you will need to have the IMAP server information handy to complete the setup.
  1. Start by opening Settings on iPhone and then tap Mail   
    Screenshot of iPhone Mail settings
    Tap Accounts
  2. Select Accounts and then Add Account
    Screenshot of email Accounts settings in iPhone
    Tap Add Account
  3. Choose the email account type that you wish to add on your iPhone.
  4. If you have selected Google, Yahoo, or AOL you will be asked to enter your email address and password for that service. If you do not yet have an email account with the provider you have selected, you can do so now by selecting Create an Account and following the instructions.
  5. If you have a Premium account and you would like to access it on your iPhone using IMAP, see the instructions below for the iPhone settings

Setting up your Premium email on an iPhone

The most convenient way for all customers to set up email on their iPhone is to download and install the free email app. You can use it to check all your accounts, whether free or Premium. Our app was specially developed for use with our email, and it lets you enjoy direct access to your Cloud as well. Without the Mail App, you will have to log into your account in a web browser to use your Cloud and to access your folders and settings.

However, it is also possible to connect your email account to the Apple Mail App using the IMAP protocol, which is a feature now available to our Premium customers. Follow steps 1-3 above and then continue as described below:
  1. To set up your Premium email account, after selecting Add Account tap Other
  2. Click on Add Mail Account
    Screenshot of Add Account settings in iPhone
    Select Add Mail Account
  3. Enter the account information requested including your name, full email address and its password, and a personal description for you to identify the account more easily. Save your changes by clicking Next.                                       
  4. You may now be asked to enter further account information for the new email account you’re adding, though sometimes this process occurs automatically. For a Premium account, you should include the following information:
    Input text for setting up email account manually
    You can set up a Premium account manually on your iPhone
  5.  Personalize the synchronization options and confirm your actions by clicking Save 
NOTE: To receive email from your newly setup email account you have to enable Mail by sliding the toggle button to the right of the screen.
screenshot of toggle to activate IMAP on iPhone
When setting up your Premium account, make sure to toggle on Mail

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This article first appeared on December 2, 2021, and was updated on April 4, 2024.

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