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Baked goods, cozy nights, ugly sweater contests, and spending time with those you hold dear. That sure does sound like the holiday season to us! Now that the holidays are here are you ready?  – We sure are! Whether you’re home for the holidays or trying out some new traditions, with by your side this holiday season.
by Montanna Owens
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Make this holiday season one for the books! 
 This holiday will be one to remember from new ways of reaching out to Santa to keeping all your loved in the loop when it comes to photos and family traditions. We’ll let you know all the features that can help you out this holiday season:
  1. Set up your own “Santa” email
  2. Share your family tradition book
  3. Email your New Year’s resolution to the future
  4. Send a free holiday eCard
  5. Organize and share your holiday photos in the Cloud

Santa Claus has email?

On the nice or naughty list? One way for your little one to secure their spot on the nice list is to write Santa Claus an email. Yes, you read that correctly. You can in fact email Santa Claus on behalf of your little ones this holiday season. There are multiple ways to email Santa so that you can make a family holiday tradition while also finding out what is on the wish list of your kids.

You’re probably wondering “How is it possible to email Santa?” Well, you can create a super-secret email alias address that is linked to your email address to pretend to be Santa Claus – or one of his helpers. You can create a custom email address by combining your choice of username with one of our 100+ email domains (subject to availability of course). From this alias address you can receive their email to Santa right in your inbox and even write them back! You can personalize the response to add some extra Christmas magic and show your little one what Mr. Claus had to say to their email.

Emailing Santa also allows you to forward the Christmas wish list to grandparents and family members who might want to get them a present or two. Imagine when your little one is all grown up, you all will have these emails to Santa to look back on.

Don’t know how to set up an alias address in your account? No worries, we already have an explainer for creating an email alias.
Screenshot of alias address creation dialog box
Go to “Alias Address” to create a Santa Claus email for your little ones to write to

Create a Family Tradition book and email it

Do you have a family history book or family traditions book? If not, you can create one! If you have one, you can digitalize it! Since families are so dynamic and evolving overtime as families blend, wouldn’t it be nice to keep track of these things electronically so everyone in the family can access it? We think it’d be life-changing, especially as we all have family scattered about the Earth. Lucky for you, with the Online Office you can choose from a template or create your own, create your family book, and share it via share link with your family members.

You might be wondering what type of family book to make. Well, here are four family books that we recommend:
  • You can make a family history book detailing the family tree, old photos, and ancestry.
  • You could make a family traditions book which would outline different family traditions around each holiday, specific events or activities such family reunions.
  • Ever wanted to know how great-grandma and great-grandpa met? Well now you never have to guess because you can keep these short family stories in a book of its own. In this book you can add any short stories relevant to the family history or stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.
  • Lastly, we recommend creating a family recipe book. Want to know how to make a pumpkin pie just like grandma? This is the perfect place to add all family recipes and any new recipes that the family seem to go crazy over. In my experience, my family loves a good dirt cake so that recipe is definitely in our shared family recipe book.
Each of these books will develop over time as the family grows and changes. Since all sorts of family books are brought out around the holidays, giving access to family members will allow them to add and alter information in the book to make sure its always up to date. As the family gathers to take a joint walk down memory lane, a family book makes sure everyone can follow along.  
Screenshot of document in Online Office
Not only can you create your tradition book here, but save and share it with the Cloud

Write New Year’s resolution and mail it to yourself in the future!

It’s about that time again! Time to choose a resolution for the new year – have any ideas? If you haven’t picked out a resolution just yet, don’t worry, you still have time. Once you have oh so carefully handpicked your New Year’s resolution, you can send yourself a reminder in 2024. You will basically be time traveling through email.

With Premium you can schedule emails for a future date and time. You would compose an email like usual, make yourself the receiver, but before hitting send, you would click the clock icon at the bottom of the ‘Compose E-mail’ window and select the date and time. It is quite cool to send an email to future you to remind you of your New Year’s resolution for 2024. Need some inspiration for your New Year’s resolution?

Here is a list of common resolutions:
  1. Save more money
  2. Exercise more
  3. Travel more
  4. Learn something new
  5. Spend more time with friends and family
  6. Be more adventurous
Screenshot of scheduled sending dialog box
Send yourself an email in the future as a reminder of this year’s resolutions

Send a last-minute holiday card

Is sending a personalized holiday card on your to-do list this holiday season? Well, look no further because you can send your holiday cards with your account. The stationery offers you quick and easily accessible stationery templates. But you can also personalize and design your own holiday card! Sounds like a win-win situation to me.
To learn how to create an e-card in your inbox, see our explainer:  Send a last-minute holiday photo card.

Use the Cloud to organize and share holiday photos  

The designated family photographer has a big job this holiday season. Keeping up with all the holiday photos is not for the weak, however, the Cloud offers you 2GB of free storage and secure backup which makes it more manageable. And, even if you’re not the designated family photographer, you can add photos to the collection via share link.
Learn more about using the Cloud for your holiday photos from our explainer: Use the Cloud to back up and share holiday photos.

The holiday season is one of the most magical seasons of the year. Take advantage of your account features to be your helper this time around. Before you go off on your holiday prep, let us know what you thought about this article below.
Can’t use the features because you don’t have a account yet? You can create an account; it only takes a few minutes.

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