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How to rotate your computer screen – and why you should try it

How do you have your screen real estate set up? The trend now is to optimize your computer screen usage by rotating the screen vertically. It’s been found to ease the tasks of writing documents, editing photos, and coding. Switching from a horizontal orientation to a vertical one could just be the thing that makes your life easier. more
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Gamification: A powerful tool for email marketing

Ever wondered why platforms like Duolingo are so addictive? Or why brands with loyalty programs are much more popular than others? What if we told you that it’s all because of gamification? You may not be aware of it, but those brands know exactly how to use it to keep you wanting more. more
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What is user-generated content & how can you use it in email marketing?

Have you ever bought a product that you loved so much you just had to post about it online? It could be a new shirt, a new phone, or even a new menu at your favorite fast food place. You snap a picture or take a video to share with your loved ones so that they too could give your favorite product a try. more
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What is green computing?

In the modern world, most of us use computing equipment on a daily basis at home or at work. So do you ever wonder about the environmental impact of all this computer usage? Or how the electricity costs related to computers affects your wallet or a company’s bottom line? more
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What is a digital detox and do you need one?

Does it seem like you’re always on your devices? Is your face constantly glued to a screen? Nowadays it seems like we have to be constantly connected to our phones to understand what is going on in the world and with our friends and family. Prolonged use of electronic devices can leave us feeling drained and overwhelmed, however. more
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What is the future of email?

2023 has come to a satisfactory end, and now we cannot help but to look towards the future and what can be expected of email from 2024 and beyond. Imagine us here at mail.com over a crystal ball looking into the future of email. Just kidding, but of course we can see a few things on the horizon when it comes to your future email use. more
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200 blog posts: These articles got readers talking!

Can you believe it’s already been 200? Blog posts, that is! We started posting our explainers about email and technology in April 2021, and today we are publishing article number 200. To mark this milestone, we are taking a trip down memory lane to look at the articles that engaged our readers most. more
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Funny email sign offs – courtesy of Gen Z

Email sign-offs in the professional context can be seen as one of the most important lines in an email to make a good impression. Gen Z has taken this concept and revamped it to make fun email sign-offs and creative email sign-offs. These are not limited to funny ways to sign-off an email, but include sarcastic, weird, and cool email sign-offs. more
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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

When you leave your house do you set an alarm? When you’re out for a morning jog do you wear a watch capable of telling your heart rate and progress? Last question, have you seen those new refrigerators that have the capability to write a grocery list for you? Well, you have encountered the Internet of Things. more
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How to recognize fake images online

Not a digital forensics specialist? Maybe you’re like most of us who are self-proclaimed image detectives. Online images today can be very misleading and oftentimes even as fake as a synthetic wig on Halloween. As doctored images of all kinds have made it across social media platforms, being able to distinguish between fake and authentic images is a skill. more
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