200 blog posts: These articles got readers talking!

Can you believe it’s already been 200? Blog posts, that is! We started posting our explainers about email and technology in April 2021, and today we are publishing article number 200. To mark this milestone, we are taking a trip down memory lane to look at the articles that engaged our readers most.
Is there a mail.com blog post that you found especially helpful or interesting, or that you just can’t forget? See if other readers felt the same!

by Alyssa Schmitt
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Did you have an a-ha moment with one of these blog posts? Mission accomplished!

How to use mail.com features, ways to boost your online security, tips for writing more effective emails – in 200 articles, we’ve covered a lot of ground! But which articles engaged our readers the most? Here are the posts that got the most feedback from you:
  1. What are cookies on a website and how are they used? “Why do I have to accept cookies!?” you may have asked yourself, clicking away yet another pop-up asking for your consent. And many of you were also hungry for information about cookies and the best way to manage them. Our blog post explains what’s behind website cookies and whether they pose a security risk to you.
  2. CC and BCC in email: Meanings and how to use them Cc and bcc can both be used to send copies of an email to additional recipients. But there is often confusion about when and how to use them. This was one of our very first blog posts, but after receiving your questions we updated it to include FAQs about CC and BCC – so be sure to give it another look!
  3. Best ways to back up a file: Hard drive, cloud & more You save lots of important files on your computer. If something happened to the device, they would be lost. So, what is the best way to back up files? This post explores seven options – see if you know them all!
  4. How to turn on email notifications with mail.com  Tired of logging in to check for new emails, often in multiple accounts? In a special explainer just for mail.com users, we told you how to set up 1-click login and email notifications in your browser, as well as customize mail.com notifications on your phone.
  5. How to use mail.com’s free Cloud  With mail.com, accessing cloud storage couldn’t be easier – it’s right there next to your inbox! This special how-to article has been popular with readers who are just getting started with their 2 GB of free online storage.
  6. Out of office messages: What to include and what to avoid  This post showed you how to set up email automatic replies for your mail.com account and in Outlook. What people also really liked were our examples of professional, effective, and funny out-of-office messages.
  7. Malware types: Do you know the true meaning of malware? In this post, we identified types of malware and shared the warning signs of a malware infection on your computer. Readers especially appreciated the advice on how to protect your devices from malware attacks.
  8. What is a mailer daemon – and why did my email bounce back? “Mailer daemon: Failed delivery” We’ve all received this or a similar message when an email fails to send. People liked our specific advice about what the different bounce error codes mean. Bonus: Find out who the mysterious mailer daemon is!
  9. How to ask for a donation in an email – with examples  Email to the rescue! Over the past year we’ve been sharing our secrets for writing effective emails, whether it’s to say thank you or to apologize sincerely. Our most popular bit of email-writing advice: how to ask for a donation for your worthy cause – including wording examples.
  10. How to make emojis from a keyboard on your laptop or computer Now that our smartphones have us hooked on smileys, many people are at a loss when they want to add these characters when using a keyboard on a laptop. So, readers really appreciated these three tricks for inserting emojis on a computer. Do you remember them all?
Why not take a few moments to read – or reread – these articles and leave us some new feedback? Remember, when you are logged into your mail.com account in your web browser, you can send us a comment along with your thumbs-up or thumbs-down. We love hearing from you!

Pro tip: Our favorite blog series

Sometimes there is just too much to say to say it all in a single post. Some of our 200 posts have been devoted to illuminating all aspects of an issue, like ways to improve your security online. If you haven’t yet, why not check out our series on:

Cybersecurity: From catfishing to quishing, this year we’ve been exploring some of the dangers lurking online and how you can protect yourself. Boost your cybersecurity know-how!

Email life hacks: At the beginning of 2022 we launched a series of simple hacks you can use to make email work better for you, from clean inboxes to multiple addresses. Try out our email life hacks!

IT history: Starting with our deep dive into the origins of email, our occasional posts on IT history are full of fun facts about technologies you use every day. Take a history deep dive!

We hope you enjoyed this chance to relive the some of the highlights of the last 200 blog posts. We look forward to sharing the next 200 with you!

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