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Introducing the most secure email service:

Are you looking for a secure email service that keeps your important information safe while streamlining communication, wherever you are? Congratulations! You’ve found it: is simply a safe way to send and receive emails, store documents, and schedule meetings—in moments!

All this is thanks to the host of great features designed to simplify email, while making it more secure.

  • Like a lot of space for your emails – so you can find what you need when you need it – as well as the Mail Collector service that conveniently stores everything in one, secure place.
  • Added to this is the Mobile Service app that puts the power of right at the tips of your fingers.
  • What’s more, where most email service providers charge a premium price for their service, the secure email service is completely free.

So check out, create an email account and experience the difference today.

Powerful antivirus with secure email service

The best secure email service for the best data protection. When you create an account with, in addition to our clever tools and intuitive design, you’re covered by our powerful antivirus software—right from the start. We know that staying safe online doesn’t just protect your computer, it protects you and your information from identity theft and phishing scams.

Our antivirus software allows you to download and open attachments with complete peace of mind, all of which is accomplished without ever compromising your privacy. But best of all, protection doesn’t stop at your email account. When you use the Mail Collector feature, all of your emails are protected by our antivirus software for comprehensive coverage. Just another way we’ve raised the bar for secure email service providers everywhere.

Spam filters for a secure email service

Let take out the trash. Our large Email Storage makes things much simpler, but to keep your inbox clean, our spam filters are there to do the dirty work. Having a strong spam filter is important as it protects you and your computer from viruses, scams, and malware that find their way to your inbox through unsolicited advertisements and messages.

By removing spam from your account, ensures that the messages you receive are relevant and safe to open. That’s what makes the best free secure email service available. What’s more, if you do ever want to block a sender, all you have to do is create a blacklist and add all unwanted senders to this list. It’s quick and easy and is the perfect way to tailor your account to your preferences.

So sign up to today and benefit from our secure email service—completely free of charge!

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