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Personalized email, a secure server, and a host of clever tools and time-saving features: is the feature-packed service that’s ideal for both professional and personal use. Complete with up to 65 GB email storage and the option to add up to 30 MB attachments, is the next generation service designed to change the way you communicate online. Added to this is the choice of over 200 email domains, giving you ultimate flexibility when finding the perfect email address. Hosted through our fast and secure email server, you can create an account in seconds. Plus, it’s completely free. So, sign-up today and experience a new a type of email with

Stay safe with our secure email server. At your security is always number one. From the moment you sign up with, our powerful anti-spam filters kick in. Keeping you safe from harmful chains, unsolicited advertisements, and phishing scams and ensuring you only read mail meant for you. So, you never have to sort through countless spam messages looking for real emails. Backing this is superior antivirus protection. Because a virus can be transferred through personal emails, we provide our customers with the tools to make sure their emails are never a threat to their computer. Once installed, our antivirus software scans all emails and attachments—checking for malware, and removing any viruses or Trojans.

In addition to this, we take our secure email server, complete with antivirus and spam filters, and add to this our Mail Collector feature. No matter how many second email accounts you have, you can unify them in a single account. It’s perfect for organizing and managing your work and personal emails from one, intuitive interface—eliminating the need to switch between accounts. What’s more, it also means that the protection provided by the secure email server is extended to all of your accounts, providing you with comprehensive email security and peace of mind.

Organization Tools at

With, you can expect a little more. On top of our secure mail server, we also provide a host of time management tools to help you get organized. With the Organizer, managing events has never been easier. All you have to do is drag and drop appointments from your email into your calendar. You can even synchronize multiple calendars into our Organizer - the calendar—and print it off. What’s more, with the ability to create repeat events, you’ll never forget when you have an appointment.

We take the convenience of our Organizer feature and add to this large storage. This puts all your emails and important documents right at your fingertips. So, you have everything you need, when you need it. Thanks to our Email Archive feature, you can search by date, subject, sender or content. Whether it’s documents, photos, audio files or video, is your central hub. Because everything is backed up on our secure email server, you never have to worry about losing important information. Plus, you can access our secure mail server anywhere in the world and always benefit from the same great service.

Premium Email, Secure Server:

If you’re looking for the best in email solutions, then a Premium account unlocks the full potential of When you go Premium, you can expect all the same great features of our free secure email server, plus a few extras that make it the ideal choice for professionals everywhere. First, the premium service is completely ad-free, giving you a cleaner, distraction-free experience. On top of this, we provide full telephone and POP3 / IMAP support. This means that you can integrate your premium account with your chosen client while streamlining communication.

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