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How to sync your email address book with your iPhone contacts

You’ve already made mail.com your default iPhone email app but are having issues adding contacts to and from your mail.com app and your iPhone?
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It’s a snap to synchronize contacts between mail.com and your iPhone!
We have the answer for you! more
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How do I set up email on an iPhone?

You’ve tried manually to add an email to your iPhone but have been unsuccessful? We’re here to help!
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Add email accounts on your iPhone in a few easy steps
Read along and follow the easy steps below to complete your iPhone email setup. more
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Make mail.com your default iPhone email app

You use your mail.com account as your primary email address. You have our Mail App installed on your iPhone or iPad. So did you know that you can now set mail.com as the default email app on Apple devices?
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See how quickly you can make mail.com your iPhone’s default email app!
Find out how – in three easy steps! more
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What is dark mode?

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Dark mode can be easier to read in low-light settings like this!
The mail.com Mail Apps for iPhone and Android both offer dark mode. But have you ever wondered why people use dark mode? And is dark mode really better for your eyes and your device’s battery? more
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